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Comment How or Why: I Don't Care! (Score 1) 477

So it looks like this thing actually works! Hooray! Still lots of Doubting Thomases and questions. Me, I don't give a damn HOW or WHY it works. Put a few of them on the back end of a nuclear or solar power source, put it into orbit, orient it forward or outwards (no difference, right?), and see if the orbit changes. Bidda bing, bidda boom. If it changes, rename the whole damned thing the "Toad Drive" and get one headed for the nearest planet-orbited star.

Comment Re:California (Score 1) 428

Obviously you've never carried up the heavy bundles of asphalt shingles to repair or redo a roof, or carry off the old ones they just removed. Not an easy task: those bastiges are heavy as hell!

Not to mention flammable, and they never decompose. Why the old ones aren't mixed with petroleum-based road mixes, I'll never know. Maybe all the roofing nails :-)

Comment Thermodynamics 101 (Score 1) 140

Lessee here .. global temperatures rise. Ice melts. Ocean levels rise. Doh ... I'm in the wrong business!

Unless .. if some of that ice is floating on an ocean, and it melts, does that make the ocean level rise? Or fall? Or just dilute it, which changes the specific gravity, but that won't change the levels, just how deep my yacht sinks in it. And how hard whales have to swim to stay afloat!

Hmmmm .. trickier than I thought.

Comment Hooray! (Score 1) 64

I for one am VERY glad to see ANY sort of suggested solution to this huge problem. I've always had the motto, "Don't bitch unless you have a solution." I had no solution (other than "sue the careless hardware vendors until they fix it", and that's no solution at all), so I just kept quiet. But this is a good one. Liability be damned: white hats, go for it! Brick them sons of bitches!

Alternatively, force a second "Internet Of Things" Internet, used ONLY by inhuman devices. If you want to talk to your goddamned front door lock, use THAT Internet. Stay the hell off mine: I need it for WoW!

Comment Re:Read the article (Score 1) 266

I would've chucked it in the stainless steel sink in the toilet area (which has its separate ventilation system). No worries then.

Unless, of course, it was already too hot to handle.

Incidentally, airline cabins aren't SEALED: there's a constant flow of fresh air (well, okay, from a jet engine, but that's okay) into the cabin. Otherwise the passengers would probably be running out of oxygen long before they landed.

Comment Being Used Being Consumed? (Score 1) 229

"You eat the cookie, the cookie is gone, but you transmit data over a network, the network is still there and can transmit data endlessly. Mediacom's assertion that the Internet is like a cookie you eat, is like saying copying a file on your computer somehow diminishes or degrades the original file, which of course is ridiculous."

While you're using the network to transmit data, someone else can not. The network has a finite bandwidth: by definition, it can only carry so much. If you're hogging it, someone else is limited.

Two houses are on fire. One home owner has a garden hose; the other has a fire hose. They're both drawing from the same hydrant. The amount of water available is basically unlimited; the water is unchanged no matter which hose it goes through .. but the amount available to be pushed through a hose is not! Now .. who do you think will get the most water on his burning house?

Why is that so hard to understand? Who do you want to be? The owner with the garden hose, or the owner with the fire hose?

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