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Submission + - Does IE10 actively filter suggested sites? 1

wt29 writes: I work at a corporation where the desktop (Windows 7) is actively controlled. The browser is IE9. When I open a new tab, I get a list of "my most popular sites". The site I actually use is normally google and I then jump of to news, a search or occasionally Google+. I've noticed that is never on my "most popular sites" — the question is "am I being paranoid" or does IE actively remove Google (and who knows what else) from the list? Despite checking Slashdot every day, it too doesn't appear. Can someone explain this behavior?

Submission + - Small doses of 'sewer gas' could greatly boost food, biofuel production (

vinces99 writes: Low doses of hydrogen sulfide, which has been implicated in some of Earth's mass extinctions, could greatly enhance plant growth, bringing a sharp increase in global food supplies and plentiful stock for biofuel production. In the new research reported April 17 in the journal PLOS ONE, University of Washington biologist Frederick Dooley set out to examine the toxic effects of hydrogen sulfide on plants, but he mistakenly used only one-tenth the amount of the toxin he had intended. The results were so unbelievable that he repeated the experiment. Still unconvinced, he repeated it again – and again, and again. In fact, the results have been replicated so often that they are now “a near certainty,” he said.

Comment Re:Reads like a press release (Score 1) 419

The US goes the route of everyone carving off as much as they can and fuck the other suckers who starve to death. Some less savory countries care off large slices of the pie and give to people for services rendered under the table. Europe in general takes the position that while good ideas and hard work should entitle you to larger slices of the pie, you don't get to grab so much of it that there's nothing left for anyone else.

The latter position is the best one. That way, we tend to get a larger pie next year so long as the fucking bakeries (ie. banks) don't run off with the whole pie first.

That's an insanely complex issue here in Brazil. Like everywhere else, bankers are making mad money.and that sucks, because when you consider the opportunity cost, you need a REALLY great idea to beat the earnings from the interest rates.

But what also happens here, is that in some areas, the unemployment compensation is so high - taking into account the local living costs - that some people are just satisfied with that, and actively refuse to work. Of course, that same amount of money can barely pay for food in the urban areas, so just lowering it won't work.

My point is... just making sure that the pie is justly divided between everyone is no small feat. Specially when you need to share justly among ants and elephants - just dividing evenly won't work.

Comment Same situation here in Brazil (Score 2) 419

I am an electrical engineer, and work in Europe. What I see here, is that the quality of engineers coming out of college or universities is declining at an alarming rate.

(Non native english speaker here, so cut me some slack on my awful grammar).

The same situation also applies here in Brazil. Worse of all, it applies both to engineering and computer science. I've been trying to recruit three junior java developers for over two months, but so far, haven't found a single soul that could:
* Knows what a Hash Set / Hash Table / Dictionary is.
* Knows how to use a LEFT JOIN properly.
* Knows how to explain what Model-view-controller is.

The salary? About US$ 30000/year, and yes - this is quite good for a starting position around here.

Submission + - Eerie, Humanlike Petman Robot Walks, Dances and Tests Clothing (

Otiluke writes: Robots can do some amazing things. They can venture into dangerous locations, they can speed up industry, they can test vehicles for safety and now, apparently, they can dance. Boston Dynamics has created a life-like anthropomorphic robot that can walk, dance and move like a person.

Check out the story at Science world report or the original report at Boston dynamics

Submission + - Reddit meme suggests murder confession (

colinneagle writes: The popular Confession Bear meme is typically used to make light-hearted personal confessions, like this one. But on Sunday, one Redditor's Confession Bear meme claiming that he murdered the abusive boyfriend of his sister brought on enough suspicion to lead him to delete his Reddit and Facebook accounts.

The meme read "My sister had an abusive meth addict / I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it as an overdose." While a meme can hardly be an indicator of actual guilt, the Redditor who posted it quickly realized the implications of the post and quickly began closing his Reddit and Facebook accounts. But he wasn't quick enough to do that before a few curious Reddit users were able to find his name, location, job history, and military rank through a few simple web searches.

One Reddit user who claims to have this information declined to post it to the site, but given the gravity of the "confession," should he?


Biological Computer Created at Stanford 89

sciencehabit writes "For the first time, synthetic biologists have created a genetic device that mimics one of the widgets on which all of modern electronics is based, the three-terminal transistor. Like standard electronic transistors, the new biological transistor is expected to work in many different biological circuit designs. This should make it easier for scientists to program cells to do everything from monitor pollutants and the progression of disease to turning on the output of medicines and biofuels."

Security Fix Leads To PostgreSQL Lock Down 100

hypnosec writes "The developers of the PostgreSQL have announced that they are locking down access to the PostgreSQL repositories to only committers while a fix for a "sufficiently bad" security issue applied. The lock down is temporary and will be lifted once the next release is available. The core committee has announced that they 'apologize in advance for any disruption' adding that 'It seems necessary in this instance, however.'"

Submission + - The "Global Internet Slowdown" is a Lie (

cultiv8 writes:

You might've read some headlines recently—in very reputable publications—saying that there's an online attack underway. The biggest in history. Enough to slow down the internet. This would be exciting and scary, except it's just not true.

Well it was an easy excuse for slow download speeds.


Submission + - 3D TV, Without the Glasses (

sciencehabit writes: If you've pondered whether to sink a cool couple of grand into a fancy new three-dimensional TV but didn't want to mess around with those dorky glasses, you may want to sit tight for a few more years. Researchers at Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto, California, report that they've come up with a new 3D technology that not only doesn't require viewers to wear special glasses, but it also can be viewed from a wide variety of angles. The advance could propel the development of mobile 3D devices as well as TVs.

Submission + - US CEO says French workers have 'three-hour' working day (

M3.14 writes: In a letter addressed to French Industrial Renewal Minister, US tyre manufacturing company CEO is writing (original FR article with English letter) that it would be stupid to buy any factory in France since workers don't really work full time. He'd rather buy cheap factories in India and China instead and import tyres back to France. This really places a question where is the equilibrium between unions and companies. In this case it definitely went all the way down on union side.

Submission + - New 'Zombie' Cells Outperform the Living in the Lab

An anonymous reader writes: For all fans that follow The Walking Dead, it turns out the dead may indeed outperform the living. Scientists have created "zombie" mammalian cells that function better after they die. Although creating "zombie" cells may seem like a dubious endeavor, it has quite a few practical applications. Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico coated a cell with a silica solution. This created a near-perfect replica of the structure that could simplify a wide variety of commercial fabrication processes. In fact, the process allowed the researchers to preserve cells down to the minor grooves of its DNA.

Submission + - GameStop's Mayan Apocalypse (

kube00 writes: The rumor mill is saying the next generation of consoles might not play used games. What does this mean for retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy? Will gamers flock to the one console that can still play used games? GoozerNation speculates if the Mayan apocalyspse draws near for used game sales

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