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Comment Re:I read this on Slashdot more than 5 years ago (Score 1) 287

G3ckoG33k: Perhaps you're referring to Adrian Thompson's work on FGPAs. See for a 2001 article which was featured on Slashdot. Also check out and for relevant papers by Thompson on FGPA-based evolution.

Comment Re:No brainer (Score 1) 212

As others have said they don't need to register a trademark to enforce it. In any case Lucas owns multiple 'JEDI' trademarks (in addition to trademarks which contain the word 'JEDI'). LucasFilm trademarks for 'JEDI' include trademark 78488803 (registered 25 May 2010), 2595365 (registered 16 July 2002), 2823661 (registered 16 March 2004) and 2858244 (registered 29 June 2004).

Submission + - Jagex's new sci-fi MMORPG to abandon 'grinding' (

OtakuPersona writes: Jagex, creators of the browser-based MMORPG RuneScape, have claimed that their upcoming sci-fi MMORPG MechScape will be different to all other MMOGs on the market. They investigated other sci-fi MMOs to identify why they were often so unsuccessful and "discovered that these games were nothing more than fantasy mechanics dressed in a sci-fi wrapper. Having a set of skills that you level up through grinding is basically a fantasy mechanic. So from here they identified what game mechanics make a good sci-fi game, and they have developed most of these as completely unique features that have never been seen in any MMO before".

While Jagex have been reluctant to say much about the project code named MechScape, fans have done a good job of bringing together all of the official and unofficial statements on the game. So read Ren's MechScape Research Summary to find out everything there is to know about what Jagex expect to release later this year.

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Submission + - RIAA Walks Away from Another 'Discovery' Case (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "You may recall that the RIAA walked away last week from one of their 'discovery' cases seeking the identies of 'John Does' who attended Rhode Island College. We have just learned that they walked away from another one, BMG Music v. Does 1-14, in Greensboro, North Carolina. 2 of the 14 John Does had settled, but the other 12 — who hung tough — will never be identified to the RIAA lawyers and will not have to pay any 'settlement'. This adds fuel to the debate over whether the RIAA has finally 'seen the light' or is still 'sneaking around in the dark'. Or can it be both?"

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