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Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1, Insightful) 1187

No, he's itching for a confrontation with China which is worse- because unless we could kill them off quickly, we'd probably lose in a long-drawn out confrontation. Europe could probably defeat Russia without us.

Also, Chamberlain before WWII kept granting Hitler room to keep expanding, until it was too late and war was inevitable when he finally crossed the line against Poland. That's could potentially happen against Russia. He takes a chunk of Georgia, he takes a chunk of Ukraine, he takes a chunk of Latvia and Lithuania. Eventually we'll get pulled into confrontation if we let him keep gobbling up eastern Europe and turning a blind eye.

Placing sanctions and remaining firm is probably the only thing keeping us from war with Russia. Even Putin's lapdog will have to bite eventually if the whole country is saying "enough".

Comment Re:News for Nazis (Score 5, Funny) 1187

The United States is three times the size of India.

If you're talking about population. India is by far the world's largest democracy.
If you're talking about land size. Canada is the world's largest democracy. (unless you consider Russia democratic- then it is).
If you're talking about weight of the average person then... yes... in that scenario, the US is the largest democracy.

Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 1) 304

I have first hand experience of this as an adult. My wife recently went back to school. She was still in university when we married, and when she moved to my town she lost half her credits... then got pregnant... and long story short- she's only just going back a decade later.

We were in the exact same boat. I earn enough not to qualify for most financial aid, but not enough to be able to afford to pay her tuition. This is for night school at a small local college.

Comment Re:Positive feedback? (Score 1) 304

Let's review this list of reasons:
* divorce is inversely correlated with wealth - actually I doubt this is even true

By it's very nature, having one parent providing funds is going to make your less well off than having two parents providing funds. A lot of the kids growing up in poverty in this nation have several siblings each, all from different fathers, none of them involved in their life.

* probably working only one job - really, why is this? Not true where I live

Really? Doctors and Lawyers where you live are just as likely to have a night/weekend job to have to pay bills as the waitresses working at the Waffle House? That's interesting.

* Parents value an education more - actually, the ones that seem to value it most are recent immigrants

This is true, and children of immigrants tend to move up the socio-economic ladder too because of this. It's also true, if your parent went to University, he's more likely to push you to achieve the same compared to the parent who dropped out of beauty school.

* Neighborhood with higher property values means better funded schools - stupid way to fund schools, they should be funded according to need (check Finland, etc)

I agree completely. I think this is a big issue, and also a low hanging fruit that would be easy to fix.

I think the educations system needs a bit of a review. I'm sure Trump will fix that ... cough.

He will set up Trump Elementary, Trump Middle, and Trump High schools all across this country- to help prepare students for Trump University.

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