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Comment Re:Humans, not AI... (Score 1) 207

I'm not the least worried about AI, but having watched this election, the humans in my country scare the shit out of me.

I had a hard time understanding how 40% of my fellow countrymen could still vote for Trump, until I realized it explained why we have warning labels telling us not to eat soap...

Donald Trump will either be the worst thing to happen to humanity or he will lose the election.

Comment Re:Old Man Yells At Cloud (Score 1) 207

Neither Einstein nor Hitler were orders of magnitudes greater intelligence than the average human- Albert was smart, but nowhere near the potential of AI.
Neither Einstein nor Hitler could process data from all around the world from millions of inputs at the same time.

Einstein and Hitler were both mortal and had a finite life span.

Comment Re:I wish they had succeeded (Score 1) 66

but I can't control if someone else posts a picture of me on facebook and associates my name with it

FYI: you can disable the ability of others taging you in any photos, in the privacy settings (I think: I don't use that, but helped some [physical] friends doing it)

That would require me creating a Facebook account, something I refuse to do.

Comment Re:I wish they had succeeded (Score 4, Insightful) 66

Why would you wish Facebook extinct? A platform that is happily used by over 1billion people? You're free to just not use it you know. Block it's domain at your router and go about your life.

I for one am glad that the internet isn't simply subject to the wishes of one Oswald McWeany.

Putting aside the part that my comment was mostly in jest; being serious, Facebook is ever advancing. It's annoying when sites require a Facebook account to join theirs, Facebook has become an alternate official ID in this country. Facebook tracks me, even though I don't have an account. I can control that I don't have my real name on the web, but I can't control if someone else posts a picture of me on facebook and associates my name with it. I feel like Facebook represents a huge privacy violation, not just for the users but even people who are associated with users. Facebook has proven to be rather unethical in their deployment of security and privacy options, often leaving people wide open by default when things change. Not to mention, facebook annoys me every night I go to bed and my wife spends the next three hours facebooking people.

Comment Re:It's worse than that (Score 2) 112

$3T blown on Ireq didn't work

I'm assuming he means Iraq, and say what you want about the aftermath, but militarily speaking, they got stomped into the ground and then we jumped on the bits til we got blisters.

No, he clearly said Ireq. We did so badly in the "Ireq" war our government doesn't even want us to know that the country exists. It's like when Britain lost Sodor's war of independence and was forced to start calling the Fat Controller "Sir Topham Hat", we were supposed to forget we once disdainfully referred to that dictator as "fat".

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