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Comment But will the chair (Score 1) 20

Great, a chair to wait in line for me!

But will the chair work in the rain? If it skips the line, who is responsible, me or Nissan; what if there is a collision with a person sitting in a manually operated chair?

Finally, who is going to trust a chair that operates itself. People aren't going to want to give up the right to sit manually.

Comment Re:Tonnage (Score 1) 183

There will be fewer people going to Mars at first than the first voyage on the Mayflower. 102 on the Mayflower- probably only a dozen going to Mars. That said, there will probably still end up being more than 180 tons sent total due to supply craft going ahead of time- and no doubt supply ships scheduled ahead of time to send more supplies after they get there.

Comment Re:What selfish bastards (Score 4, Insightful) 167

There is more demand for adopting babies than babies available. It can be a challenge.

Now older kids... they get the short end of the stick, very few people want to adopt an older child; part of that is that they often come with emotional and mental challenges due to being orphans and passed around without a real home for much of their childhood... and not getting adopted adds to that.

If someone wants a baby, it may be easier to get medical help than adopt. You could say they should adopt one of the older children available for adoption instead... and that would be nice but some parent's aren't willing to adopt a troubled older child rather than start with a clean slate who they can mould into their own child.

Comment They carried a fake kidney (Score 1) 120

They held a fake kidney against their bodies whilst riding the roller coaster. I imagine that could have been quite hazardous if they accidentally dropped it during the ride and it struck a fellow passenger.

"Welcome to 'Speed Thunder Scare Mountain Ninja', please keep all hands, legs, and fake kidneys inside the car at all times"

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