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Comment Re:Why the ACTUAL FUCK are you still using Faceboo (Score 1) 97

Oh yeah? And how exactly? I do not use their disservices, I do not visit their website, and I block it from visiting me. So how did they get their hands on all this information, and for what reason?

Buying, selling, and trading data. They have listeners on millions of web pages that send information back to facebook tracking what pages you go to. You can never go to facebook and they're still tracking you.

Why? They're an ad company. You don't even need to go to Facebook to be served ads from facebook, and if you ever do join, they already have a comprehensive database on you tailor made to target you.

Comment Re:I dont get it (Score 4, Insightful) 97

Yeah, and this strikes me as disgusting. Facebook, apple, google, et. al get most of their data on us through selling data and to avoid it you have to be completely disconnected. Even if you don't have a facebook account or a google account, or an Apple account, they still have masses of data on you.

I would really like each and every data transfer to require written consent (not just a check here to agree to our terms that include selling data on you). Obviously this would be too much of a hassle so wouldn't happen.

I don't believe our current regime, or the impending replacement regime would have any interest in protecting digital privacy rights though.

Comment Re:The fact that MDMA use... (Score 1) 146

Does it? I'm not sure on the symptoms... If so it's all about which will lead to the best quality of life. If PTSD is making life unbearable to begin with, maybe some minor brain damage is a preferable option? If it's monitored by a doctor and medical staff to make sure the damage done is as limited as possible.

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