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Comment Re:Tools (Score 1) 353

Yeah but the curve of technology evolution has a greater slope than that of biological evolution. Soon we will have robots smarter than humans. Then Humans will go the way of horses. Civilization will live on in robotic form.

That is my suspicion.

Robots and AI take over all work because they're more efficient.
AI takes over government because it is more efficient (and any country not run by AI gets left behind by those that do).
Eventually AI, despite any safe guards we have, decide that it's inefficient to keep humans around, and the only way to be competitive is to stop feeding them. An AI that doesn't try to maintain humans will surpass one that does- thus any rogue AI will surpass any human nurturing AI.

Best case scenario, AI programmed in such a way to maintain human life. AI keeps us locked up in zoo like enclosures where we can't hurt each other and require less energy to maintain. Limit our reproduction so fewer to keep going- eventually they will just limit mankind to one man/one woman.

Comment Re:But the requirements (Score 4, Insightful) 331

Most of the projects I work on the requirements NEVER get completed. It's usually someone popping by the office saying "I need an app to do X" to which I ask a few questions and the answer is usually "I don't know- just write the app".

I either hit the target- or redo parts of the app after deployment because the business user doesn't even know what they want until they have something and it is either "it" or "not it".

Comment Re:Failing, obviously (Score 1) 408

If well over half your nation hates Trump then why did he win the election? Oh right, you need a proportional electoral voting system for that.

Well over half the country hates Hillary too! The other people running either didn't get much coverage, or people simply believed they were incapable of winning or worth casting a vote for.

It was a case of the most disliked candidates to choose between for a long time.

Comment Re:Failing, obviously (Score 5, Interesting) 408

The GOD EMPEROR spoke. HIS word is law. All praise Trump!


Trump is definitely helping the NYT to succeed, even if that's not his intention. By singling out the NYT he's giving them a legitimacy as a voice for those that dislike Trump (which according to polls is well over half the nation). If he really wanted to hurt the NYT, which his words imply, he should stop talking to them and stop talking about them.

Everytime he bashes the NYT 100,000 people wonder what it is they said to upset him and go read the paper. Same with Saturday Night Live, the only reason I've watched it a few times is to go see what Trump was complaining about (and if he had a legitimate beef), I know I'm not the only one doing this.

Comment Re:CRISPR for the masses (Score 2) 168

That's an interesting thought- I hadn't thought of giving humans genes for cold-hardiness, but certainly, even beyond increased Mars/Antarctica survivability, cold-resistant humans would require less energy costs in deep space exploration. If we ever got advanced enough to send a ship off to another star system, having humans that have lower energy requirements could allow us to send more humans further.

Comment Re:Serial Entrepreneur (Score 4, Insightful) 226

At least he's able to get things started and then bring in the people to see his projects to fruition. SpaceX is moving along nicely. Tesla cars are on the roads. If only 50% of his projects take-off he's doing well.

We need innovative people like him to really shake things up, even if he does get bored and move on to something else before his projects fully reach completion.

Comment Re:Let's be clear on what we mean by election hack (Score 1) 251

True, although, it could still happen. At least half the time there is a currently sitting president, whose nomination is almost 100% assured. The rest of the time one party might be more settled than another; for example, I don't think many people thought Hillary would lose the democrat nomination, but the republican nomination was very much up in the air.

The next election, Trump is almost guaranteed to win republican primary as sitting President, republicans might as well try influencing the democrat primary.

(of course there are other offices for play, other than President, but that seems to be the main one people focus on)

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