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Comment Re:The problem is not the ratio but the total carb (Score 3, Insightful) 19

While it is true that China is rolling out more all-electric cars SUVs and trucks than North America, the problem is not the ratio of electric vehicles but the shift from 80 percent bicycle to more cars and SUVs.

China needs to stop providing parking spots for non-electric cars in high demand areas, and use those spots for bicycles.

Why China? Why not everywhere else. Seems a bit unfair to expect China to stay on bicycles and not adopt ICE and only allow electric if other countries are not willing to do the same. Indeed, whilst the POTUS is promoting Coal as the fuel of the future, China has been promoting renewables. (it sucks that they have all the pollution and disregard for the environment from all the factories).

Comment There can be only one (Score 2) 62

Unless things change on the global scare, I don't think there will ever be more than one big-player in the cryptocurrency scene.

Why do people do bitcoin? 1) To operate anonymously outside the system. 2) It is widely recognized as having value by a large enough subset of people to be exchanged.

Whereas #1 can be duplicated, and maybe even improved upon. #2 is going to be difficult. There already IS a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged this way- there doesn't really seem to be much need to create another one, and with BitCoin being so easily exchanged, why would anyone use an alternate crypto currency?

The only way we will see another currency emerge is if it is BETTER than BitCoin in some way (more secure perhaps?) In which case it would REPLACE BitCoin, not supplement it.

There will only ever be one Crypto Currency at a time that is viable.

Ever hear of Dogecoin or any of the others anymore? They get announced but fade out of existence.

Comment On the plus side... (Score 4, Funny) 204

The game's server is in Chicago. That means if you live in the Midwest, your computer can communicate with it almost instantaneously. If you're in L.A., it can take roughly 60 milliseconds. But if you're in Hawaii, it can take 120 milliseconds

On the plus side, they don't live in Chicago.

I would take latency, sandy beaches, perfect weather and bikini clad women over snow and death by homicide.

Comment Progress (Score 2) 150

Slashdot is making progress. I'm glad to see a discussion on electric cars on this forum where no-one is whining "electric cars will never work, you can't go more than 200 miles without needing to refuel... customers don't want electric..." etc,etc,et.

When even the luddites accept a technology as here to stay you know the technology is a success.

Now to win over the space luddites.

Comment Re:It will go unnoticed (Score 2) 91

I don't have any desire to get a Windows "Chrome" Book- we have a couple of Chromebooks at home for the kids, but I won't be getting them a Microsoft equivalent one unless it is demonstrably better.

That said the "Under 20 second Cold Boot" isn't a goal- it's a worst case scenario. They very well might boot in 6 seconds just like a Chromebook does. Until it is released we can't know. They're saying the very worst device in this classification would have to be able to boot in 20 seconds, not the best, nor the average, but the worst.

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