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Comment WHERE IS MY MONEY? (Score 2, Funny) 146

I have had nosebleeds and rashes, and my mother got migraines when I lived with my parents, there MUST be a secret fracking operation going on near our home. Or maybe one of those wind 'death maker' turbines that is destroying our country! Killing several of our birds every year! Stinking up the view. I, as a citizen, DEMAND inexpensive clean energy, I dont want any of my tax dollars spent on developing it, and I dont want it in my back yard. Is that too much to ask as I sit at home, watching my 80" TV, with every light in my 4000 sq ft house that only myself and my wife live in, or while I drive my massively over powered car through the dirty countryside. Is that too much to ask!?

Comment Its a balancing act. (Score 1) 355

I have 2 boys, 3 (in june) and 7. They both have tablets but only for boring moments or long trips in the car. They both enjoy the 80lbs of lego we have, but now that the good weather is returning, my 7yo is gone outside all day, and my 3yo is out for at least a hour. I just bought my 3yo his first bike last night, he will get it for easter. Parents cant use TV and various devices to solely entertain their kids. My not quite 3yo knows his ABCs and can count to 15... I do credit that to educational games and videos (though we do encourage the development by singing with him too). I have honestly been considering getting my 7yo a very limited function cell phone, for kind of a new age yelling though the neighbourhood looking for your kid. My finacee is very nervous about letting our first out of her sight It has its benefits and pitfalls.

Comment Re:Wonder if this will affect "The Source" stores (Score 1) 423

I recently worked at The Source. The Source has nothing to do with Radio Shack at all. They are owned by Bell (BCE) and is pretty much a Bell store with a bunch of other crap. Pretty much all the emphasis is put on selling home and cellular services. If you are into that type of sales atmosphere (I wasnt), you can make ALOT of money at it. There are commissions for selling home and cellular services, some items have 'spiffs' which can be money or points towards prizes, and then commissions based on general sales totals. I have made $100 off of single cellular sales combining high commissions, spiffs for added 'ACP' warranties and for selling particular phones (say $25 for the activation, $25 from the warranty, and $50 for a featured phone). They are good to their staff, there are incentives, medical and investment benefits, paid holidays, and opportunity for advancement. The other electronics is just to get you in the door to have conversations about the services. They have several store brands, Nexxtech, narlyfish, Fluid, and Headrush. Some of it is good, some is crap. I have seen $10 Headrush earbuds made by Bose, Fluid TVs made by Toshiba, and many other examples. I have also seen the generic 'made in china' crap. Their business model is working quite well, they are one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, sitting at around 720 locations, adding about 20 new locations a year. Radioshack should be heading the same way The Source did. Almost no one builds things or repairs them anymore, you just toss it out and buy another or replace and entire plug and play components. Last year we had 3x the amount of electronic components, 2/3 of which got sent back to the warehouse. No one buys it, and it is just taking up shelf space. Only a few times a week will someone come in and buy a $2-3 part... not worth to keep around.

Comment Dont care really (Score 1) 127

I dont really care if Bell gives me targeted ads, it is better than generic ads, so I will get ads that are relevant to my interests, which is better than male enhancement and tampon ads. Google has been doing it for years, and I find it amusing when I search some topic then see related ads everywhere. I still dont click them. Infact it gets me in trouble, because if I go to a site that does not have targeted ads and is posting say... 'meet a hot chinese wife today', my fiance would think I had been looking up asians or somthing like that. Its not like they are mining my personal data for info, they are looking at browsing habits, what and when I watch on tv. I dont care if Bell knows I visit Slashdot, watch nothing on tv cause it is all reality garbage, or primarily text on my phone. Considering the NSA crap going on (which I still dont care about and am not surprised at its scope), this is lame. Bell is my service provider, I assume they have records of what I do with their services (being the computer age and all), they are a business there to make money. This is a way for them to bring relevant advertisements to customers rather than the inefficient blanket advertising of old. Get over it. This is like whining about a camera on a street corner or in a subway station. OMG THEY R TRAKING ME!!!1!!!one!! Im not seeing any Engsoc banners around, my web cam could be watching me... I seem to be guilty of reading tech blogs and getting lawlz at vine videos lately. I think communism is a great idea, capitalism is killing the west, god save the queen (she is just a figurehead with no sway, but tradition is nice), and Snape kills Dumbledore. You want to live in a hole and wait for the Russian and Chinese troops in the States to fill those millions of coffins FEMA ordered before Nibiru AND Nemesis shows up... just dont eat soy because third generation soy eaters are sterile.

Comment swat vs assault rifles (Score -1, Flamebait) 835

It will continue to increase as long as there is a chance citizens are armed with assault rifles and such guns. Notice how swat usage skyrockets within a decade of the US Army replacing the M14 with the M16, a true assault rifle. The Vietnam war was the age of the full auto assault rifle... the iconic M16 and AK-47. "SWAT-style raids aren't just for defense against similarly-armed criminals anymore" With the sheer number of raids occurring these days, there will be some cases that it was overkill or even completely unjustified. Problem is that more and more people have access to military grade weapons and an attitude of the constitutional given right to have and use those weapons, police have to assume that under higher risk situations, the chance of these criminals having an AK-47 or hell a M82 is a lot higher. When the 2nd amendment was adopted, people were carrying muskets around. They were slow to load, highly inaccurate, but devastating when on target. Todays 'arms' are highly refined killing machines that can practically fire off hundreds of rounds a minute (theoretical is 875-1000 rpm for the M16) vs the 3 a minute of a musket. A musket was a deterrent in a time when hacking and stabbing with a sword in battle was still common. A modern assault rifle is a proper killing machine. Even hand guns are much more effective than a musket of 2nd amendment vintage. The law was written 222 years ago... it did not have such modern weapons in mind, and is horribly out of date. tl;dnr - Excessive swat use stems directly from the right to possess military grade assault rifles.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 125

That is not cool. He was practicing a high alpha pass for an airshow when an engine quit on him. There is not a thing he could do other than punch out. If you read up on the incident in the brief moment between flame out and stalling he tried to restart the engine, it wouldn't start, and he punched out a few hundred feet above ground. The fact that he survived the crash is a testament to his training. He was seconds from death and was trying to save the jet, still he followed his training. You dont get to practice engine restarts during a stall 2-300 feet from the ground in a real jet. In a sim on the other hand...

Comment Makes sense (Score 1) 125

the USAFs F-22 and upcoming F-35 both only come in single seat versions... there is no tutor flights, you go from sim to solo. If a sim can train a pilot who has never flown a F-22 or F-35 to fly one... why not keep pilots sharp for cheaper. I know the RCAF will let pilots take CF-18s 'home' (to an airport near their home), just to keep flight hours up. All the fuel, wear, and maintenance on the jet costs a lot, just for some stick time.

Comment Ditch them (Score 1) 267

Pay phones are a waste of space. How about making cell service a emergency service, and protect it from floods, earthquakes, fires... etc. Also, create emergency charging stations in public facilities for people to charge their phones if the outage is prolonged. Communications are a huge thing to have in a disaster. A pay phone is not going to help you if you are disabled and stuck on the 10th floor in an apartment building. People used payphones because the cellular network failed.

Comment Re:First (Score 4, Insightful) 477

But Einstein was not a fanatic trying to force his believes on others. Religion is fine if kept polite. The bible states 'neither cast ye your pearls before swine'. Dont waste your time on those not willing to listen. Freedom of religion is fine, freedom of speech is great. You dont walk into the center of the opposing opinion and start shoving your ideas down their throats and expect open arms and high fives. Bible thumpers can be a bit nuts, but atheists can be equally nuts. JPL justly fired a nut.

Comment If this was a resturant.... (Score 0) 382

If she was entering a restaurant, and someone followed her in, making a big scene to do with her, she does nothing about it, what would you expect the owners to do next time they see her headed their way? Kickstarter is a business, not a charity. 10 years of a digital stalker and she has done nothing about it? It is harassment, she needs to either approach the police, or even collect evidence and sue the stalker. Playing a helpless victim while doing nothing to change the situation is simply an attention grab.

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