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Submission + - Contact lenses with infrared vision?

Orlando writes: A story on Singularity Hub reports that "Researchers at the University of Michigan, led by electrical engineer Zhaohui Zhong, have devised a way to capture the infrared spectrum without requiring the cooling that makes infrared goggles so cumbersome." The method uses graphene and could one day lead to ultra light weight infrared vision technology.

Comment Flash rethink? (Score 1) 521

Whatever reason Apple has for not liking Flash (I have yet to see a definitive explanation) all this negative press about Flash, coupled with the Flash/HTML5 debate can only be a good thing. In my view, Flash has way more things wrong with it (breaking the semantic web) than the benefits it brings to the table. If all this discussion either prompts Adobe to fix all that, or something better is suggested instead (HTML5?), it can only be a good thing.

Comment Re:As a road warrior I should be using encryption. (Score 1) 175

I'm not exactly sure I'd call "throw a Linux Live disk" or "unscrew the HDD compartment, remove the disk and hook it up to a desktop" things that require much time or very much knowledge.

You wouldn't call it much knowledge, but you're reading Slashdot, right? The vast majority of laptop thieves wouldn't know or care how to do this.

Comment Re:As a road warrior I should be using encryption. (Score 2, Insightful) 175

It all comes down to a simple calculation - what is the mathematical probability of someone stealing my drive vs. my OS or disk crashing?(1) Anyone who has traveled knows the second far outweighs the first.

I would go even further - What is the mathematical probability of someone stealing my [laptop] AND be interested enough in the data on the disk to bother trying to get access to it.

Even without encryption, getting access to the data on a laptop which uses OS password authentication requires some time and knowledge. I would argue that most people who steal laptops would reinstall as soon as they see a login screen. In other words, the hardware is more valuable to them than the data.

Be sure, I'm not saying the risk is zero, but it's pretty low.


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