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Comment Re:It was part of his job (Score 1) 267

used company's name as part of his handle and it definitely was something directly linked to Phonedog

But when he left, he changed the handle's name. So why should they still have a claim to it? Why can't he just create a brand new handle called @PhoneDog_Noah and give _that_ to them?

Because that new account will have 0 followers and 0 exposure, and no links to the company (except for PhoneDog in the name). The account he used to promote the stories was (presumably) followed by people interested in the stories. It's the followers the company is interested in getting.

This seems to me to be a pretty legitimate case (but IANAL, nor have I RTFA). Noah's last tweet when he left PhoneDog should have been along the lines of "I'm no longer employed by PhoneDog, but my new account is @noahkravits. Expect more insightful tech stories to be posted on there.".

Comment Re:Jailbreak == Piracy (Score 1) 148

Really troll much? No it's about being able to do with my phone what I want not what SJ wants including saving and moving files, FTP /SSH access, access to other video players (formats)... etc etc.

Prompt is a pretty good SSH client, available on the App Store. Unless of course you're talking about running an SSH server on your phone. To what practical end? So you can SMS someone through CLI?

I don't see a need for an FTP client on my iPhone, but a quick google brings up http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ftp-on-the-go/id286479936?mt=8. Are you actively using your iPhone as an FTP server? Is that a workaround for using it as file storage or what? If you need to FTP in to transfer files, why not host an FTP server at home and just login to that instead?

AirVideoServer will transcode and stream pretty much every video format to the iPhone, if it's needed. Are you having trouble ripping your DVDs/BluRay's to a video format iTunes/iPhone can play?

Comment Re:I don't care who just died (Score 1) 158

All I hear from fanboys/girls is "omg why won't it work".

Android fanboys/fangirls? Doesn't sound like fanboy talk.

My mate's constantly having to close applications when he's done with them on his Galaxy S (stock, not modded) because leaving them running just kills the responsiveness on his phone. Doesn't matter what app it is.

iOS resource management is miles ahead of Android's. And that translates to "it just works".

Comment Re:It's Lonely Here (Score 1) 519

I assumed the Darinbob was talking more about calendar invites - like in Google Calendar.

I imagine Google sees Calendar as already covering the "events" thing; I mean it's not difficult to set up a calendar that you and all your friends have admin access to, or just use Calendar to set up an event in your own calendar and email out invites to whoever you want if it's meant to be private. It lets you let invitees invite others too if you want.

Nicer G+ integration with it would be good (but I guess the top bar will take you to the Calendar if you need it). Maybe an option to post event invites to your circles (and thereby make them "public")?

Comment Re:Not dubious at all (Score 1) 544

They are NOT police officers, though an obscene number of them are power-crazed wannabe-jackboots who THINK they have authority.

The security guard STOLE the camera. Period.

Yet from the summary:

He also said that a police officer claimed, 'he was within in his rights to confiscate the mobile phone on which the photos were taken.

I haven't RTFA, but the summary seems to indicate the phone wasn't taken, and the threat was made by the police, not the security guard.

Comment Re:Since when do PC makers care (Score 1) 899

So I guess thats a Windows CD they shipped you? Oh wait.. they don't.. they ship you a "recovery partition", and on that partition is shovelware...

The evidence seems to contradict your claims.

Actually, I don't ever recall being stopped from removing the shovelware post-install. I think the evidence only shows that they want to ship the shovelware with their new PCs, not that they want users to use it.

I'm pretty sure their contracts with McAfee et al. are only for distribution, not usage.

Comment Re:Oh, this ought to be awful (Score 1) 401

I already do this in Firefox (and you can too!). Search keywords have been in since forever and are managed through the search engine management part of the UI. Once you've got the ones you need set up you can just remove the separate search bar from the UI.

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