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Comment Bad Start (Score 1) 62

They lost me when I read "Open source discourages laziness (because everyone can see the corners you've cut)".

Whoever said that hasn't seen a lot of open source GUI's lately. Then they had the nerve to say open source products make bugs more likely to be identified because more people are looking at it. But how many of those people know what they're looking at? And is the core group, that knows what they're looking at, any bigger than some for-profit's programming team?

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 379

New in the News....gas companies announce a 50% INCREASE in gas prices....

Umm, so what? Any technology that doesn't increase the cost per mile driven (even if the fuel prices were raised to compensate for decreased consumption) means we're having to import much less fuel. Leftists are happy because we're dumping less CO2. Rightists are happy because we're decreasing dependency on unsavory oil-producing countries. Consumers are happy because they can drive more miles between stops. Suppliers are happy because they can get the same revenue from less work. Unless you're in OPEC or South America, I see your exact scenario as good for all involved.

I'd be perfectly happy to pay $30 a gallon if I only used 1/10th the gallons and it meant we could tell Saudi Arabia to eat sand.

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