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Comment Re:Radiation (Score 1) 412


The whole purpose behind developing the ability to land Falcon 9s on Earth is to eventually take them to Mars and land them.

You would need a lot less fuel to land on Mars and you wouldn't have to worry about water landings.

Once they get the techniques for producing fuel from Martian resources sorted out, that reuseable Falcon 9 is handy for getting stuff back into Martian orbit... and landing back on Mars again.

Comment Re:Sounds a bit sketchy... (Score 2) 148

In practice, the only time someone has it unlocked is while they are using it. And you'd need to be in the bank app for it to matter. So the crook would have to be wandering public, looking for people using a banking app, then swipe the phone, and get to an ATM before the robbed person could call their bank.

You just said it yourself. All the crook has to do is stand near an ATM and wait for somebody with a smartphone to use it.

Comment Re:webcam distro? (Score 2) 77

These are IP cameras, that is, a camera which runs a website that can stream whatever the camera is pointing to.

I recently bought one of these to act as a baby monitor. It needs an OS in order to run the web software and Linux is already available, so why not use it? I'm betting the configuration used chops out almost everything apart from the absolute essentials.

I have a Foscam FI8910W. The first thing to note is that initial configuration including a mandatory root password change /must/ be done using an Ethernet cable. At that point you can choose to use the wifi link or disable it; the same with uPnP. Wifi is paired with my wifi router and, as far as I can tell, only by connecting to the router with a MAC-listed client can anyone access the camera.

There is a Dynamic-DNS facility to access the camera over the Wild West Interwebs but that requires configuration which I have disabled as not required.

Comment Re:Really? Quicktime? Seriously? (Score 1) 320

There's an important distinction in English between "is used by" and "is in use by".

"Is used by" means that a program which might not currently be running requires the use of that software, whereas "is in use by" means that that program is running.

You can detect the former, but without some kind of well-designed central registry (!) you can't detect the latter.

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