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Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 1) 200

I agree with you. I think that, from a business perspective, this is actually a good idea. From a consumer perspective, it doesn't seem much worse than what we already have with free demos; and how can we complain about "Oh no, they took away my thing that I didn't pay for?" Now, if the idea of this was that the game you actually BOUGHT AND PAID FOR got worse and worse unless you paid more money into it, that would be a different story. I'd be pissed then. But this, this is an annoyance at worst and a good idea at best.

Comment Re:Science or Religion? (Score 1) 1136

Actually, quite a few climate scientists that I know (I am studying in the field) have as much knowledge in the field of computer science - in regards to the simulations they need to know. Not all of them, and certainly not me when I am finished, but a significantly large number. Also the climate scientists who don't know the computer science needed to run the simulations can still instruct the computer scientists on what inputs to use and can still analyze the outputs to see if they make sense. I know you were probably trolling, and I just couldn't resist taking the bait.

Comment Re:I Don't Think This Was Well Thought Out (Score 1) 787

Plus, we simply don't know if the human race will die off because of the climate. To say that we must act because we'll all die if we don't is nothing more than sensationalism. No hard evidence supports that.

There's also no evidence that says it won't.

Admitedly, humans are adaptable... but there's only so much our biological adaptability will take us as far as surviving a hypothetically increasingly-hostile environment. Our technological adaptability will cover the rest... but since we are, as a whole, a capitalist species, that technology will come at a cost. That cost will have to be paid. Who will pay that cost? and what strings might they deem desirable to attach to paying that cost?

This is a flavor of Newton's Paradox writ large. Humanity MAY or MAY NOT become extinct from climate change in the future.
o If we MAY, and we DO NOTHING, then we perish as a species.
o If we MAY NOT and we DO NOTHING, then we survive anyway (and a bunch of people eventually eat crow.)
o If we MAY and we DO SOMETHING, then we (might) survive.
o If we MAY NOT and DO SOMETHING, then we survive anyway.

Seems to me that if we do something, we (might) survive (or at least our chances of survival increase.) While if we do nothing, we've a 50-50 chance of going the way of the dinosaurs based on the premise that we know jack shyte about what climate change is capable of doing to us as a species. It kind of boils down to... how badly do we want to gamble with the species?

Hell, speaking of paradoxes, for all we know global climate change might be one of the factors of Fermi's Paradox.

Comment Re:Legitimate Customers (Score 1) 372

Using Steam is renting not buying.

No, it's more like selling the gamer a DVD. If the DVD gets broken, I can crack the game.

If Steam dies, Gabe Newell wrote that they've tested deactivating Steam authentication, and it works. They can free every Steam game I own before they go under. If they choose not to, I only need to install one crack to free all the games I bought from Steam.

Comment Re:Makes no difference (Score 1) 1136

Actually, ya. The data is out there. In my little neck of the woods all the data from weatherstations about... 50 years back or so all show a general increase in the temperature and decrease in precipitation that is consistent for the theory of global warming (at least in my climate). I know that 50 years is small in the scheme of things but the data is there. And I also know that global warming would increase the precipitation in other areas, but in my section of the world we tend to a drier climate so it will decrease overall. Snow will generally increase a bit overall as warmer air holds more water than cold air.

Comment Re:Jack the Ripper didn't kill any Americans... (Score 1) 276

That relying on China so much mightn't be such a wise move is irrelevant.

That they killed a bunch of their own people is not at all similar to bin Laden killing a bunch of our people. Sure it is to the people who did the dieing, but being attacked is very different from internal conflicts elsewhere that really don't effect us much (as cold and uncaring s that is).

American troops killed American protesters 40 years ago to (and yes a completely different situation in scale, level of authority, consequences, etc) should no one have traded with America after that?

And who says I wasn't saying that Germany and Japan turned around and traded with the US after the US had blown up large numbers of their countrymen?

Comment Re:Umm (Score 2, Interesting) 503

In terms of functionality, if a person has alot of books then yes go for ebook reader. But if they have a few only, or they have 1 that they refer to all the time, go for the actual book. Lasts longer, does not require batteries or power to run, etc. In terms of storage however the ebook reader definitely trumps the paperback.

Comment Re:console philosophy (Score 1) 54

You sir impugne on my honour. You seem to not recall the Sega Genesis version released many years ago. I challenge you to a duel. Or not, I am too sleepy to duel. But still, even those people who are rabid Shadowrun fans agree that this particular game was well done. Sure, the XBox one was crap, but not everything that goes to consoles ends up that way.

Comment Marvel's MAX imprint? (Score 1) 423

Unfortunately I am at work so do not have time to read through the thread to see if this has been mentioned with any seriousness, but whatabout MAX? Disney has a history of not being affiliated with anything overly violent or "adult". I don't see most of Marvel's comics changing too much, if at all, as a result of this acquisition - sureley Disney wouldn't want to mess with a good thing. Or at least a relatively decent thing depending on the writer, artist, editor, etc. But the MAX imprint has a history of being more adult - more violent, more swear words, the occasional nudity (though I might be confusing MAX with Vertigo on this part). Now I am not one who thinks a comic can't be adult or good without violence, nudity, etc. but it is refreshing once in a while, to be honest. It feels more gritty and realistic once in a while. Does anybody know of any examples where Disney acquired a company and the company all of a sudden changed their content? Though the majority of Disney now is pap (in my opinion) they have made great things in the past. I have fond memories of their movies from when I was growing up, and the series Gargoyles remains to this day one of my favourite cartoon series. I don't like this acquisition but as long as the stories and characters don't change drastically or in such a way that lessens my perceived quality of them I will still continue to read Marvel. Ah, who am I kidding, I'll still keep reading even if everything does change for the worse, just so I can complain about it. Though I must say, as mentioned in a recent Something Positive strip, I would love to see a Spider-Ham/Darkwing Duck crossover come out of this.

Comment Re:Integrated IM clients, what the heck for? (Score 1) 297

This actually makes sense to me. I may be in the minority but I don't want to hear other people over a headset or speakers or whatever when I am playing a game. Also I often play at odd hours of the night and my roomates wouldn't want to hear me chatting it up. Typing works for me or I can let my playing do the talking.

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