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Comment Strange, I'm running Chrome on Fedora 25... (Score 1) 766

...and I just now opened a new tab (fully rendered) in about 1 second; this with a Dell Inspiron 1545 (2009, not at all new) with 10 tabs already open, two of which are playing media simultaneously, the other 8 are on a variety of content bloated websites like (don't ask, I just followed a few News links from google).

I agree 1 second is an eternity for a PC, just to load a new (blank) tab. Especially compared to what I did at work today, which was to configure a gnuplot generated graph of a multi-dimensional rendering of about 25,000 data points, and it did this in the blink of an eye, it is a bit disappointing, but, get real, a second ? What did you do during that second you had to wait ?, you don't even need to breath every second.

Comment Re:Not the only thing we've lost. (Score 1) 279

I'm sorry, explain again the link between:

morality: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong
monogamy: the habit of having only one mate at a time

And, please, don't confuse monogamy with marriage, many cultures have multiple-partner "marriages".

Just because you make the morally binding arrangement of a monogamous marriage, does not mean Morality and Monogamy are implicitly linked.

Comment Re:This quote, from the end of the article... (Score 1) 165

Fair point about cultural "touchpoints".

I would expect any educated person, from any country or culture, to know about Plato, Confucious, Siddharta Gautama, Galileo, maybe John Locke, and others I can't roll off my tongue right now. They should also understand the concepts behind basic Logic, Rhetoric, Poetry, and Prose, and other cornerstones of learning. There are some ideas, thinkers, and facts that - to my mind - are pre-requisite knowledge to claiming an education in anything.

Comment This quote, from the end of the article... (Score 4, Insightful) 165

...tells me everything I need to know about Thiel and the people selected for this group.

Thiel set out to disrupt the existing educational institutions. He suggested he could do a better job at training a small cohort of gifted individuals, and that once free of the shackles of a conformist degree-making institution, these fellows would be capable of jumpstarting human progress.

So, you know influencers - Big Fucking Deal - I want people who know how to do things, and get them done on schedule, on budget, and done right. I don't give a shit if you know how to get to know other people who also only know how to get to know other people.

Furthermore, I consider it essential that when I make a reference to a major historical event, piece of art, literature, music, you understand why that reference applies to our current conversation. I also consider it essential that your education allows you to draw upon a variety of knowledge in order to make good decisions. And you simply will not get that education by working 18 hours a day on, because all the buzzwords in the world don't contribute at all to the benefit of society.

My company does not exist solely to make me rich, it exists to allow me to explore ideas which can be turned into real physical products which actually help people in some way, usually labor saving, sometimes life saving (or enhancing), but never parasitic. Because *anyone* can be a parasite, and pretend to "manage influencer relationships", whatever the hell that means.

Comment Been saying this for a *long* time... (Score 1) 161

...the majority of "viruses" aren't.

They're just crap-ware accidentally installed by the user.

The biggest offender is Anti-Virus applications that interrupt system functions and slow the machine to a halt.
I haven't used anti-virus since Windows NT 3.51, and have yet to get a virus. Of course, I don't run as Administrator either.

Comment Re:Look, snowflakes (Score 1) 157

the psychological scars from persistent verbal abuse can last a lifetime

I don't think any rational person would disagree with this statement, however, a some bullying is not the same as a parent, or sibling engaging in years and years of daily verbal abuse. The first (bullying) is just a fact of life. The second is child abuse.

Comment Re:Look, snowflakes (Score 1) 157

I absolutely had my lunch money taken from me in 7th grade (first year of junior high school in a 7-9 school), by a ass-hat 9th grader who was at least a foot taller than me and already had a beard. I was totally non-violent, and didn't really understand how to stand up for myself. After having my lunch money taken from me at least three days in a row, I stood up for myself, and got my ass kicked, but that was the last time that shit-head took my money. Apparently just the act of defiance was enough to deter him. He picked on other kids after that, but left me alone. Real story, not cartoonish at all. That's how things really were in my dingy little upstate New York town in the 70s.

Did that experience change me ? absolutely !
Scar me for life ? No.

It was just another of life's lessons that every boy learned in those days. I am inclined to say, that's part of what's wrong in America today. Too many kids don't get real world lessons. They grow up so over-protected that when the most insignificant thing happens to them, they are mortally anquished, and need to run away to their "safe space" or some other bullshit, instead of learning that life is tough, sucking it up and getting on with it.

Comment Look, snowflakes (Score 1) 157

I cannot for the life of me understand how it is possible to be bullied online. In my day the bully stole your lunch money, or beat the shit out of you if you refused to give it to him. You learned to stay away from him very quickly. Sad story of bullying over. How is it that we now have a society where children are incapable figuring out how to stay away from bullies.

Comment Or, just... (Score 1) 299 a USB-A to USB-C adapter. They're almost free.

It's not as if this has never occurred before......VGA to DVI (video), PS2 to USB (mouse and Keyboard), ISA to EISA, etc..

What a stupid premise.

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