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Comment Re:It's true (Score 1) 622

Hmm. let's see. median age.

Let's assume that nobody buys a car before they are old enough to drive - 16 in most US states but let's round it down to 15.

Let's assume that most people beyond the age of 85 don't buy a new car because of failing health, eyesight, finances, etc.

It is completely logical that the median age for a Toyota purchaser is 50 - in fact, I suspect the median age for the purchaser of almost any item other than a lolipop, or adult diapers is about 50.

Time to learn a little about math.

Comment Weird math (Score 1) 266

7.5 billion budget and 60,000 employees works out at 125k per employee.

Of course there is/was some capital expenditure, but most of the money goes on wages.

I am wondering about the economics of this whole system.

What is the real cost of an airplane blowing up ? Not including the human element, it's at most 100 million (average).

Question: If we shut down the TSA, how long would it take for 75 airplanes to be blown up ? Let the free market figure it out. Let's somehow incentivise insurance companies to cover acts of terrorism, then see how long it takes them to insist upon *effective* screening. And see how efficiently it can be done.

Comment Breakfast is the first meal you eat after waking (Score 1) 300

Let's be clear. Breakfast is quite literally the first meal you eat after you have gone without food for a length of time. You "break" your "fast"

That's about the only reason to consider breakfast as more important than any other meal. One would hope that the first thing you eat after a fast, no matter how long it is, is something reasonably good for you. In that sense, Breakfast *is* the most important meal.

Comment Let me be - not the first - to call bulls*** (Score 1) 174

... invented a product that will prevent electrical related fires ...

I think you have either:

A very large ego
A very poor understanding of electrical engineering
Poor language skills (and thus haven't described your invention well)

Regardless of which is true, all paths lead to most certain disappointment.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 818

No, it's not. Your understanding of what "theory" mean is the problem.

Evolutionary "theory" has been proven, over, and over again. We can even demonstrate it very, very well with computer programs. We rely upon it for our daily lives when we eat meats, vegetables, grains, and fruits that have been anthropomorphically coerced to evolve to their present states. We see it happen in viruses, and fruit flies (to name but a few species) in our own very short life spans.

Sorry, there is Zero debate about whether the theory of evolution is correct - at least among people with a brain.

Comment Re:Give me a raise (Score 1) 327

The idea of getting a raise is what's wrong.

When you want to earn more money, you look for another job - internal or external - that pays more.

Pay raises are - for the vast majority - little more than cost of living increases, which is a fairly trivial thing to include in any culture like this one.

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