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Comment Poor Techie, get a dose of reality (Score -1, Troll) 727

Seriously, I'm a developer, have been for nearly 30 years.  I've been very well paid throughout that time.

Sorry, poor young Techies , $3000 a month for a quality apartment in the nice parts of the city is absolutely nothing to complain about.   I  was paying that 6 years ago.

I could have lived somewhere cheaper but that would involve other tradeoffs that I am not willing to make.   There's a reason that  $3000 apartment costs that much, you're competing with me, and it sounds like you're losing.

Life's tough, deal with it!

Comment The auto companies are already... (Score 1) 249

...primarily financial services companies.

This ruling, which is totally obvious, will spell the end to auto insurance companies, they'll be swallowed up by the big auto companies, and will be just another part of their businesses.  I say that's a good thing, since the manufacturer carries *all* the risk for their product, instead of the current model, where they (implicitly) lay the risk off to the insurance company.

As long as consumer protection laws are enforced - and adjusted for this new business model - I see good things, not dead people.

Comment Re: send em to Hawaii (Score 2) 274

Ok, so that OP's idea won't work,  although it was creative.

How about a similar solution.

Encase the offending components in something  (glass?)  and position that in such a way that it gets folded into a subduction zone.  Then it gets melted into the earth - kind of like where it came from anyway.

Would something like that work ?

Comment It's kind of a - umm, no shit - statement, (Score 1) 361

totally obvious to any half-way observant person.

All innovation is simply a series of very small steps.  All "discoveries" or "inventions" are at their root, fairly minor enhancements to existing knowledge or craft.

Sure, sometimes those minor enhancements were not at all obvious to anyone except the exceptional person (or team) who made them, but, once the enhancement is announced, it's completely obvious, to anyone willing to analyse it, how it rests on all the past development.

I challenge anyone to find an example of any discovery, invention or other innovation which does not fall into this rule.

Nothing annoys me more (well, not many things anyway, dirty dishes, unmade beds, ....) than people wandering around talking about be "entrepreneurs" , and "creatives", with this shit-faced superiority that only ignorance and inexperience can produce..  Most (98%+) of end up failing, spectacularly, because they think all the value is in the idea, rather than the implementation of the idea.  Reality shows us, 99.999999% of the value is in the implementation of the idea, the idea is nearly worthless.

I think this is what Linus would say if he had conferred with me first.

Comment Clearly the problem is not pay (Score 3, Insightful) 95

Rather it is the overall work environment.

From what I've read, and from the very few first hand accounts from Google employees I've heard, the work environment at Google pretty much sucks unless you are running a successful project (i.e.  *THE* project leader).  This is little different from being CEO of your own company.

Maybe the issue Google - like very many other employers needs to understand - is that the vast majority of people really do work to live, not the other way around.  The idea that it's considered normal to do a 60+ hour week is just bullshit.  All the free ice cream in the world doesn't compensate for that.

Comment Typical Microsoft kludge (Score 5, Interesting) 236

So, if the hardware provider creates a driver too, why does MS use the "perfect match hardware ID".. Why not a system where the manf. Hardware ID is X.Y.Z.Pref  (or some other identifier which would supersede the Microsoft version) and Microsoft's would then be X.Y.Z.Microsoft.  Then it's really obvious what's going on, it doesn't rely upon checking for date, or version ID, or other in-exact ways of *guessing* which driver to use.<br><br>
Why ?<br>
Because, the vast majority of devs at MS can't think straight about anything - that's why we have the current state of Windows.  MS hasn't hired a good developer since the days of Windows NT.

Comment Re:And in other news (Score 1) 191

Weak AI is limited.

By this I mean, AI is apparently good at looking at large data spaces and repeatedly making a decision based primarily upon probability (probability being the search for a pattern where no obvious pattern exists - that's what our brains do all the time). Once the decision has been calculated, the action can be performed, assuming the action is fairly mundane (examples: responding to requests for information, identification and manipulation of pieces) This also includes complex probability decisions (like pass or bet in poker, choosing investment vehicles, planning airline routes/prices)) the AI will do this "better" (fewer errors) than a human. If your job depends upon this kind of processing, you should be re-skilling now.

If on the other hand, your job involves individual instances of unique (or nearly unique) problems - finding and fixing a leaking pipe buried in a wall, repairing a torn garment, designing a new piece of furniture, fabricating a small lot product - the stuff most people actually enjoy doing, and get satisfaction from, your job is pretty safe, at least for the next 20 years.

Comment Strange, I'm running Chrome on Fedora 25... (Score 1) 766

...and I just now opened a new tab (fully rendered) in about 1 second; this with a Dell Inspiron 1545 (2009, not at all new) with 10 tabs already open, two of which are playing media simultaneously, the other 8 are on a variety of content bloated websites like (don't ask, I just followed a few News links from google).

I agree 1 second is an eternity for a PC, just to load a new (blank) tab. Especially compared to what I did at work today, which was to configure a gnuplot generated graph of a multi-dimensional rendering of about 25,000 data points, and it did this in the blink of an eye, it is a bit disappointing, but, get real, a second ? What did you do during that second you had to wait ?, you don't even need to breath every second.

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