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Comment Yes (Score 1) 315

And I say this as someone who's worked on personal projects on company time (both with and without their knowing).

Ultimately that right resides with my employers who are paying me.

More realistically it depends on if my boss is a jerk and/or if I've been working up to THEIR standards (and that's the key)

It's no different than my surfing on the web while waiting for a compile to finish and posting on slashdot (looks over shoulder) or working on some personal app (I can claim I'm enriching my skill set by doing both).

I once worked at a company where a guy ran a PRIVATE BUSINESS from his cube (and would take calls for work/contracts during office hours...successfully too). He got sacked even though he put in good work because of it.

Comment Microsoft... bought a ToDo list app... (Score 4, Funny) 58

Microsoft... bought a company... to program a ToDo list...

Microsoft spent upwards of 100 million dollars... to get a ToDo list app...

Microsoft has this product called Outlook that, at one time, had a ToDo list built in...
Microsoft built Outlook to compete with Lotus Notes which had... a ToDo list built in...
Microsoft already HAS ToDo list functionality in their OneNote product - designed for the Windows 10 ecosystem and is already cloud based.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why MBAs SUCK! "I need a ToDo list app to fulfill market segment XJ27- go buy this popular one and integrate it with Windows 10", "But sir we have a ToDo list app built into our OneNote product"
"Don't be a fool - that's for taking notes, not a ToDo list app. Apps are appy apps."
"But you told us to get rid of the ToDo list in Outlook to cut costs on developers?!"
"Don't bother me with trivialities."

Comment Fake news? (Score 4, Insightful) 321

This is the problem with the whole definition -

The Mercator projection is ACCURATE for it's data view (to better display trade routes).

So long as the information itself isn't false it's just a different view facet of the data set.

My school system didn't use the Mercator maps but they weren't "accurate" either because they balanced out all the land masses so they were all VISIBLE so the various geographies and cities could be pointed out during lectures.

Comment 30-44 is old? (Score 1) 153

Also I question the income levels - Lower income peoples mainly have cell phones in place of pads/computers which, while they may have bigger screens, aren't great for ebook reading. (Of course those with lower incomes don't tend to read as much either)

I'd be interested to cross reference this data with video piracy...

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