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Comment Fake news? (Score 4, Insightful) 319

This is the problem with the whole definition -

The Mercator projection is ACCURATE for it's data view (to better display trade routes).

So long as the information itself isn't false it's just a different view facet of the data set.

My school system didn't use the Mercator maps but they weren't "accurate" either because they balanced out all the land masses so they were all VISIBLE so the various geographies and cities could be pointed out during lectures.

Comment 30-44 is old? (Score 1) 153

Also I question the income levels - Lower income peoples mainly have cell phones in place of pads/computers which, while they may have bigger screens, aren't great for ebook reading. (Of course those with lower incomes don't tend to read as much either)

I'd be interested to cross reference this data with video piracy...

Comment Re:Borrowing features (Score 1) 114

It's not a question of whether or not someone likes Apple. Many of the "all new, we just created this and it's never been seen before!" additions to iOS have been blatant rip-offs of features in use for Android for months, if not years before Apple claims it is "all new".

It's the exact sort of crap that Apple would have sued for if the roles were reversed.

Comment Meh... (Score 3, Insightful) 213

There aren't THAT many repos with over 3 million files in them.

The great majority of projects I've been on have been around the 100k-300k range and doing a build (to properly test the product) required ALL of them.

And even then, once you've got all of them the first time, GIT does the diffing automatically so it "scales" already.

Maybe MS could put some of their vast R&D efforts to to something more useful... like having their free Visual Studio Code editor handle files bigger than 1gb?

Comment Need more info - (Score 5, Funny) 172

Is this a one time thing, once a day, week, month? Does it show up on enterprise installs?

It shouldn't be appearing AT ALL - but if it's a one time thing to show a new "feature" (cough, spit) I can begrudgingly acknowledge it.

But this proves to me that the entire point of Windows 10 was not to ease computer usage or make it easier for me to get my work done or do more work but to turn all windows machines into store fronts for Microsoft.

"Hi I'm clippy - I see you're trying to write a Word Doc and haven't typed for a few minutes - Would you like to buy a Red Bull - it gives you wings? YES, RIGHT NOW | SPECIFY DELIVERY TIME | CHOOSE A DIFFERENT DRINK"

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