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Comment Re: All about the fight (Score 1) 390

Haha, yeah, except the right is the side with all the mindless religious drones who believe anything written in an old dusty book written thousands of years ago by random desert dwellers claiming to talk to God because their parents or pastor told them to. The same group of people who think climate change is a hoax. Or that the planet is doing fine. Or that evolution is a lie. Yeah, there's a whole lot of independent thought going on on the right.

Comment Re: How the left fights (Score 1) 390

And people, who ignore all the red flags and elect as the most powerful man in the world an orange reality game show host with no political experience whatsoever and massive financial conflicts of interest, should be taken seriously? You don't even seem to understand why the left is so upset. It's not because the right won. That has happened many times, and never with this result. It's because you gave the keys to the kingdom to a egotistical con man with deplorable ideology and zero record of any public service or ever doing anything for the benefit of America in his entire life. Name one positive thing that Trump's administration will do for the nation or the planet that doesn't involve people getting more money for themselves or furthering religious or alienating ideology.

Comment Re: This would make an awesome movie... (Score 0, Flamebait) 90

And it turns out that Trump actually *is* Adolf Hitler who used a time machine to escape Germany and traveled to the year 2145 where he transplanted his brain into a new host body and then traveled back to 2010, killed the real Donald Trump and used future cloning technology to copy his appearance, thus beginning his ultimate rise to power where he now controls the most powerful nation on Earth and has access to nuclear weapons. Man, this thing writes itself.

Comment Re:Just what the world needed most urgently... (Score 3, Insightful) 205

You couldn't be more wrong. New programming languages is exactly what we need especially as we approach the end of "Moore's Law" with the discrete type of fabrication we do nowadays. Sooner or later the world will realize that in order to build really complex software, on the order of functioning neurological networks or quantum systems, we will need to evolve the languages we use to describe those systems so that we can describe them quickly. The software we write currently is dogshit compared what we could be creating, and all these new LISPy functional languages are an attempt to move to the next level. Instead of writing 100 for() loops our languages will need to describe the exact same construct in a handful of instructions. Not machine instructions but language instructions. Creating really advanced software takes so long currently because our languages are primitive. Compare programming a 6502 in assembly back in 1980 to programming in Java nowadays. Using modern languages and compilers you can write code 1,000,000 times faster, clearer and more complex in the same amount of time. Software will never get more advanced without a massive paradigm shift in the underlying languages we use to describe systems that will have ever-increasing complexity, because you can't just squeeze out more lines of code in 8 hrs from the same humans, and you can't just throw more humans at the problem. We need to start coding much much "smarter", almost writing languages that just describe a system in very general terms, and have the computer actually do the "coding." Either way, the future will not be primitive imperative languages like C/C++/Java, but something far more declarative in nature.

Comment Re:...without sacrificing photo quality (Score 5, Insightful) 103

is a lie, it reduces image quality just in a way you cannot see visually

If you can't see any difference then the visual quality is the same. Don't conflate visual quality with informational purity. Claiming it's a lossless conversion would be a lie, but that's not what they're claiming.

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