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Comment Re:Okay. (Score 3, Insightful) 283

WTF do you think people are going to do with your browsing history??

The potential for predatory marketing practices and discrimination is huge. Your search for "funerals" and then "airfares", and presto! airline tickets just got more expensive for you, and you alone. You visit an Alcoholics Anonymous site and then GEICO and presto! car insurance rates just went up for you, and you alone. You visit the DNC website and then presto! your favorite news site can tailor the news it delivers to you to maximize manipulation. The possibilities are horrifying and endless.

Comment Re:Jobs (Score 1) 372

I see one solution to increasing automation of our workforce: a combination of make-work and retraining programs.

This is the correct solution, but getting the greedy shitknobs in government to subsidize retraining programs will be hard. They're stuck in the 1950's and think becoming the king of manufacturing and mining is the path to a glorious future, but it's really progress in technology and infrastructure that lead a nation to a prosperous future. It always has been. The countries with the best technology will always be on top, and you need good infrastructure to propel that. But it all starts with education. Smart countries will always dominate stupider countries, but unfortunately we're heading down the "stupider" path.

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