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Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 301

Because the effects of climate change are not quick and obvious like a flooding river that needs diking. The climate will reach a point-of-no-return where no amount of mitigation will ever fix it. Ever. But by the time the effects of that are obvious enough to turn the heads of deniers, it's too late.

Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 5, Insightful) 618

You have a really low standard for "great" apparently. I would define "great" as leading the world in peaceful conflict resolution, technological advancement, social advancement, education, art and overall happiness and equality of a nation's citizenry. Trump is working towards, well, none of those.

Comment Re:I only use IMDB for the user reviews (Score 1) 478

That's not a review of the film, that's a review of the overall Star Wars story. The film itself, as a standalone, is good. Good acting, good effects, decent story, decent writing. I dock points for some cliches and weak storytelling moments, but overall it's well-made and entertaining. What you're reviewing is Disney's decisions about how Star Wars should be proceeding, not the film itself. If you did a literal copy and paste of "The Godfather" and called it "The Godfather" it would still be a good movie. I hate JJ Abrams as much as the next guy, and I hate that they copied elements from previous films too, but that's a critique of the "meta-film" and corporate decisions, not the actual film.

Comment Re:I only use IMDB for the user reviews (Score 1) 478

I agree. I would give it a 7, not an 8, but overall it's a decent film. It's a problem of relativity. Everyone who hates that film only hates it because they're comparing it to its predecessors. That is not the correct way to review films. Films should be reviewed on their own, and that's something that Roger Ebert was really good at and one of the reasons I liked him as a film reviewer. Part of the blame is on Hollywood for making sequences of films that are more like serials than films, but regardless, you should still review them on their own merits. If you want to rate the entire series separately with each film contributing to an overall score, that's fine, but to say The Force Awakens is a "terrible" movie really isn't going to be congruent with how most people feel. I think what most people mean when they say it's terrible is that the overall arc of the entire series is terrible.

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