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Comment Re:Power != energy (Score 1) 54

That this still needs to be pointed out shows just how dangerous and naive the green left still is.

I'm not left. I do understand that unless you ascribe to the abiotic energy production theory, there is not an infinity of energy sources out there that enrich the coal industry.

Now grow up, your insults are lame and silly, and in true low Information denialist fashion, attempt to paint anyone who isn't in lockstep with you as your favorite hate target.

Comment Re:where is your brain? (Score 1) 54

but coal plants have level output and can run 24/7,

Are you actually asserting that demand is level 24 hours a day?

By the way, what he is asserting for his preferred form of electrical generation is pretty true. Coal powered plants simply love to run at one particular power level. Which means that they have issues with the peak demand. and the same solutions exist for proper coal, and wind and solar.

This is a big problem with renewable deniers, they don't always get the technology of either the existing or new technology.

Comment Re:Let me know when ... (Score 1) 54

The power can be stored,

The issue is not that the power can be stored.

Yes, it very much is that the power can be stored. Storing power is a present day technology that is in use right now. It is not something that we have to think out because it's a huge technological solar and wind power killing problem. It's been solved, and quite some time ago, because power leveling is a big problem with all formas of electrical generation.

Comment Re:Let me know when ... (Score 1) 54

... they overtake coal for amount generated per unit time.

Renewables may have higher total peak, but coal plants have level output and can run 24/7, while sun is only about a third of the day and wind varies with the weather - at a power output proportional to the CUBE of the windspeed.

There are some issues there, perhaps you don't know about them. A turbine generator hates a widely varying load, and designing one for peak power is uneconomical. So many power generation facilities have a method of evening out the load. At night time, when the demand load tends to be much lower, they pump water into reservoirs to be released during the daytime when demand is much higher, running other generators. There is not one reason that a method used for a proper coal fired plant cannot be used for the spawn of the devil solar and wind power. It's already in place in many areas.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 54

So, is it time to go back to all the nay sayers who have over the past 10 years asserted this point was impossible, and say "I told you so"? Or will they just continue to assert that the numbers are all lies, and only coal can make electricity?

Truth no longer matters. You see the craziest shit put out by the deniers. Even to the point of their lack of understanding the entire power generation physics We still have people who think they are scoring points by pointing out that the sun goes down at night, so you can't use solar.

Comment Re:Calling all rockets (Score 1) 126

except every Jeep I've ever been in is a dangerous death trap, with crap build quality, and safety, so that would actually make their hatred of Jeeps accurate, and a valid warning to consumers...

I've owned 3 now, and they've actually been literal lifesavers. My first year Grand Cherokee was finally retired with almost 300 K miles, still ran well, but was starting to nickel and dime us at almost 15 years old, the Wife has a compass, and I have a Patriot. She wanted a Jeep that was more crossover like, and I wanted a small Jeep that gets good gas milage along with the Jeep's ability to just go no matter what. That some AC doesn't like them means... well actually nothing.

Comment Re:"Growing Demand"? (Score 1) 524

Companies don't think that women are cheaper. They might pay them a bit less on average, but they see them as potential liabilities because they might get pregnant or leave or reduce hours to have a family.

This brings up my favorite Pregnancy leave story. We are required to allow a woman to take leave after having a child, and some take extended leave, something like a year. I really have no issue with this, seems like a good idea.


We had a staff assist who over a several year period, had three children, and took the max leave. SO out of six plus years, she was there around half of the time.

Well, there was a real need for someone when she was away form work, so they hired a temporary replacement. three of them.

Guess who lost their job every time this woman came back to work? Three women lost their jobs because of her legitimate and legal extended maternity leave. I guess that is the law of unintended consequences.

No particular political import, just something the thread reminded me of.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 524

You might wish to consider how outside factors must necessarily influence what your real interest is.

Before you go further, define "outside factors".

My wife has found the outside factors to be other women who discourage women. There is a lod faction of women who loathe sucessful women, and altogether too many women listen to them.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 524

Don't be ignorant yourself there is not and was never a push to get more men into nursing, there was a push get more PEOPLE into nursing. Nursing is a case where there were at least at one point a lot of job openings and not a lot of licensed nurses to fill them.

The problem as expressed at our local nursing school is that while a lot of ladies become nurses, they tend to leave the field quickly. Turnover is a big problem.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 524

Isn't there? When I had young children I heard about that constantly; men can make a very valuable contribution to the traditional women's jobs. We simply have a different approach doing things

Nursing is one thing, find me a Kindergarten teacher that isn't female. Males have been largely chased out of early education, and it's moving up the chain . Men who are interested in being around children are now considered pedophiles. A male who wants to teach young children is immediately suspect.

From the article:

"It's very hard to change the suspicion of men who are going to elementary education when there are so few of them," Thompson said. "Schools ask me to talk to men on their faculty and when I sit with them behind closed doors, they say the moms look at them like potential pedophiles. "If they are too nurturing or a mother comes in and sees a teacher reading in a chair and the child is leaning against the teacher or cuddling him, they freak out," he said. "Men tell me they only have to look in the mom's face to know what they are thinking." So you would think that since males have been chased out of th eclassroom on account of us all wanting to boink the kiddies, it's now a safe haven, where women can teach th ekids without mommy worrying about them.

Well mommy might not be worrying, but teh lady teachers appear to like a little bit of underage dickin'. You can do the research. Still a fair bit of statutary rape goin on in the classeroms by teachers - even if the teachers are female.

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