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Comment Re:I hope the cars are less moody than the truck.. (Score 1) 122

self-driving truck and stormed off to Arizona in a self-driving huff,

Do the cars that pick up the people also storm off in a huff? It would be funny if they also call the passengers "meatbags" and tell them to "bite my shiny metal ass"

Surely they can do better than huffs. They've gotta be hell in Phoenix during summer:

Comment Re:Observation is bad, m'kay? (Score 5, Interesting) 164

I will add that, unlike them, I did it properly; I peeled off the hygiene seal rather than leaving it in place so it got rammed inside the container by the spigot. Cunts.

I used to be an operator on a Burroughs B4700 mainframe (which shows you how old I am). It used to blow these 100 amp fuses in the power supply cabinet periodically. We'd call Burroughs, they'd send someone out when they could fit it in their schedule and we'd be down for hours. Finally we found the spare fuses in the engineer cabinet so we'd pop the breakers and replace the fuses ourself. One day a Burroughs FE happened to be in when a fuse blew and we started to replace it when he blew a gasket, telling us how dangerous that was. He proceeded to start changing the fuse but neglected to throw the breakers - and knocked his ass across the room.

To stay on the subject: the B4700 did not have a battery indicator.

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