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Comment A society that hates the hunch (Score 1) 445

Hi I've got a website that discusses a scientific theory of mine. I have NEVER claimed it is anything but a theory, but lately I've been pretty beat up by the new google SEO techniques. Like I'm some kind of carnival barker. There are four kinds of knowledge in this world. Google's new plan only acknowledges one of them. 1. Fact - Information that is reproducible and verified. 2. Theory - Information that is reproducible, but not yet verified. 3. Failed Theory - Information that has been proven false. 4. Faith - Information that has no mechanism of reproduction. Problem is Google's new system only considers #1. So everyone else is freaking out. Google's target is #3 and is squashing #2 and #4 as collateral damage. The experiment failed. Back out Google!

Comment Knowlage horders (Score 1) 292

Hate em. I am a sysadmin not a developer, but I always do some light to heavy dev in support of my environment. In my experience if you are really that good you can let the ideas and knowledge flow. Only half of what you say will sink in and that's only if the listener has the conceptual framework to remember the facts in context.

If they hired the right guy (or gal), he may actually be able to keep up. This will be obvious when you are peppered with smart contextual questions. Rejoice! Everybody is different, but there is a good shot you have an ally for life. Build enough of these and everybody will call you first for the interesting stuff.

It does sound like you have a bigger problem. Sounds like your client does not realize what an open ended thing they are asking you to do. If they do, can't hurt to clarify. If they don't get it, ask them what they are willing to pay for. Look at the longevity of training one guy vs improving docs. Consider the training and intelligence of the individual. You may need to spend ALOT of time with him. Consider the medium. Email is more defensible and cheaper than phone help, which is cheaper than in person visists, which is cheaper than full time in person training. Offer some cheap email responses for a period of time. That helps you to keep track of how well or badly this fellow is doing. Also ask them how you proceed if you have difficulty communicating with him.

Once you and your client knows what they actually want from you it won't be uncomfortable, perhaps it will even be fun. You don't really know something until you teach it.

Comment Welcome Sweden (Score 2) 171

I for one would like to welcome the 51st state of the United States of America!

Sweeds you will be issued sweat shorts, 'nutrition' bars, and boxed sets of 'The Kardashians' to help indoctrinate you. :)

There are many rules, too many to read, but the TV 'news' will help guide you as to which ones are actually being enforced.

Comment Herding Cats (Score 1) 1521

I've been a LUG president for almost the same time frame and I agree. We've won, and yet, there are new rules and new fights.

Your ability to make technology reflect the needs of people is your best gift. You are a cat herding Jedi master.

Don't worry, sooner or later you'll get an itch and doubtlessly end up scratching it for all of us. :) So thanks and TIA!

Comment Re:Same problem as cameras (Score 1) 559

LOL. Not that I WANT to see that.

Bottom line: It's either morally OK for a group of you have not met to decide see you naked no matter how you are dressed, or it isn't. If it is we should all get over it. If not, we have to throw a important security tool in the dust bin.

People are way to afraid of these two things. Now they must choose. LOL.

Not that I think people are mature enough to handle this, but that's exactly my point. Can't wait for the first time a security official says about an attack, 'this could have been prevented by the body scanner' and he is right.

LOL bwaaaa haha Moo HA HA. Face your fears pushy jerks!

Comment Same problem as cameras (Score 1) 559

The only way to keep it fair is to keep it symmetrical. They are either acceptable to use in a public space by anyone, or they are not.

Personally I am fine with these. I don't care who appears naked on the screen, myself included. I won't loose my mind if attractive woman is scanned or if an unattractive man is either. I consider that part of being a grown up.

People are way too uptight about both their sexuality and their 'security.' This is best thing that could happen to American hypocrisy. IMO this IS an effective technique, but how much do you REALLY care. LOL.

Comment Programatic perspective:Speed, bad test for saftey (Score 2, Interesting) 680

Kinda like testing a banking program for buffer overflows by sequentially adding incremental sums. Doesn't reflect real life risk. Want actual safety? Real simple. Send a bug report in for every single crash. Every crash earns someone a point ticket (or several). There are no accidents, only errors and oversights. Either equipment failed or somebody overestimated. Ticket! Use bad judgment AND break a rule? Two tickets. Know yourself and your vehicle, or pay the price.

Comment Re:An easier plan (Score 2, Informative) 555

"Message to dgatwood: The government has plenty to hide. I'm sure that there are plenty of things that some people in our government know that should not be known by many (most, if not all) people outside of some agencies. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there aren't things that should be disclosed, the government is run by people, people seek power, power corrupts and all that, but there are definitely reasons that the government SHOULD have some secrets."

That why it's not just a an anonymous BBS. If someone were to try to post say the blueprint and guard shifts at a nuclear generator, it will be stopped. That is something that has little civic interest but enormous defense interest.

Problem is to many feds try to act like 'defense' is a get out of jail free card for EVERYTHING. Any waste. Any pet project. Any friend in need. How often this happens may never be known, but at least we can keep the scammers looking over their shoulder. If they get too arrogant, they disgust a report and BAM, busted.

Comment Similar to the Translation problem (Score 1) 539

This is totally awesome. I am going to run out and join the authors guild immediately. They will protect me from my vicious double dipping fans!!!


Creative commons has an interesting problem. How do you allow translation of an open work, without allowing someone to undermine the original text through dubious translation? In other words allow other language translations, but not "modify." It looks like there is a project to set up a consensus on translation. A system by which translations would be performed by the same process from work to work.

So I wonder, isn't an automatically generated audio reading, just another translation? Is spoken language to text or vise versa a translation, or is it literally the same text? How about other languages? Dialects?

If all translations are really just a complex substitution problem that can be performed by the reader, does it benefit society to pay for services they didn't receive for a product they already paid for?

The Internet

Submission + - Internet candidate blows away TV candidates funds (

Odinson writes: Despite a near media blackout, Republican Ron Paul managed to blow away the record for one day totals for both parties at about 6 million dollars. The lack of coverage and the small donation size ($50) indicate this is largely due to through communication through the web and email and large numbers of popular You Tube videos. The campaign has had 118,000+ individual donors this quarter. Some people are shocked the servers didn't fall over, but of course they are running Linux. :) Is successful national politicking now possible without the TV press?

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