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PC Games (Games)

Age of Conan, One Year On 119

One year after its rocky launch, Age of Conan has stabilized and seen a growth in its player base, reports FunCom. What's more, they say, is that players seem to be playing for longer periods of time as well. Game Director Craig Morrison said in his May letter that work on the next major update, 1.05, is nearing completion, and provided some more details about the new features. This is the same patch which, due to the sweeping stat and equipment changes, will allow players who have a character at level 50 or higher to create a brand new character already at level 50. Reader Kheldon points out a two-part interview with Morrison in which he discusses the laundry list of changes they've made in the past year to improve the game, as well as some broader thoughts about storytelling in the MMO genre. FunCom also released some early details yesterday on two new, free-to-play MMOs they're working on, one of which is browser-based and one of which is Java-based.
PC Games (Games)

Interview for Mytheon 32

Kheldon tips an interview with Petroglyph's Chuck Kroegel about an upcoming MMO called Mytheon, which will be free to play, but also involve micro-transactions. It's an action strategy game with RTS and RPG elements. He says, "The game starts in the Greco-Roman era, as well as Egypt, and as time goes on we'll expand throughout the whole world. Something everyone has in common is they all have their mythologies, these beasts and these stories that have come to us through legends and folklore. All the nations of the world, they all have their own. So in our game Mytheon, we can eventually fill the Earth in terms of being able to explore mythologies of all nations. It's an action/strategy game, with elements of RPG, and elements of RTS that people have to come to appreciate and enjoy."
Update — 4/30 at 17:30 by SS: The summary originally linked to an article stating that Petroglyph was working with Trion World Network on Mytheon. This is not the case; they are working together on a different game, which is the MMORTS previously referenced in the title.

Comment Re:They go for the "soft" target (Score 5, Interesting) 206

This is very true. I am currently evaluating a forklift upgrade of one of my POPs, and we're looking at the Cisco vs. Juniper proposition.

While I'm a VP level operational head at an ISP, the Cisco rep told me straight out that he doesn't typically engage technical people like me when he comes in. He typically talks to the C level people, and it shows, because he's not keeping up with the Juniper rep. The Juniper team has already put me in front of many technical product development people, and the depth of the conversations have been truly refreshing. I'm feeling more and more comfortable with going Juniper as the days go by.


Submission + - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on IBM System p (techtarget.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Recently we discussed some of the benefits of running Linux on an IBM System p. Now we'll take a look at how the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version does on Power. In this tip, Ken Milberg discusses the reliability, scalability and performance values of running RHEL 5 on IBM System p, plus how to install the right tools prior to putting any system into production (such as the service and productivity tools available for your Red Hat distribution).

Submission + - One Last Ride for Hubble

necro81 writes: The NY Times has an in-depth piece describing an upcoming shuttle mission to make a final service call to the Hubble Space Telescope. After the Columbia accident and the scheduled shuttle decommission in 2010, additional service trips to the telescope were off the table. The resulting hew and cry from scientists, legislators, and the public forced NASA to reconsider. Next August, if all goes well, Atlantis will grab Hubble, replace its aging gyros, attempt to revive the Advanced Camera for Surverys, install a new camera and spectrograph. The telescope could then continue doing science well into the next decade.

Submission + - Apple/VOIP Providers Sued Over Visual Voicemail

beamdriver writes: "Via Extremetech, Reuters is reporting that Klausner Technologies is suing Apple as well as VOIP providers Comcast Corp, Cablevision Systems Corp and eBay Inc's Skype for infringing its patent for "visual voicemail." The complaint involves U.S. patent 5,572,576, " Telephone answering device linking displayed data with recorded audio message". This is the same patent at issue in a suit Klausner filed in 2006 against telephone service provider Vonage Holdings Corp.

The company alleges that Cablevision's Optimum Voicemail, Comcast's Digital Voice Voicemail and eBay's Skype Voicemail violate Klausner's patent by allowing users to selectively retrieve and listen to voice messages via message inbox displays. Essentially, Klausner is claiming a patent on displaying a list of voicemails."
United States

Submission + - bad ogame

An anonymous reader writes: Recently Gameforge has just added "officers" to ogame. This will kill the game and anybody who is thinking about playing the game and not paying for officers should not start. THe rich people will take over yet another internet game

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