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Submission + - Vendors selling your contact info?

Sorthum writes: "I ordered a memory card from Tiger Direct using a dedicated email address a few days ago. The card hasn't even arrived yet, and yet I found something VERY interesting in my inbox this morning: a lottery scam email to that tagged address, relayed through Cox's outbound servers. Apparently TigerDirect is either compromised, or selling their addresses to spammers — this address has never received a hit until I placed the order, and no one else has it. There is no evidence of a dictionary attack in the server logs either. My call to their customer service line proved to be fruitless — their drone refused to escalate the call, or provide a satisfactory response. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?"

Submission + - Americans & "The Astronaut Farmer"

eldavojohn writes: "The Astronaut Farmer is due to be released tomorrow but Space.com has some interesting comments taking a look at why the rugged archetypal American cowboy stereotype is being used in this movie. They also propose that this movie acts as evidence to our drive for space exploration and conquest: "The Astronaut Farmer portrays America the way the country likes to think of itself. And while you might whine that this is delusional, it does have its up side. America will often take on projects that seem impractical or even quixotic, simply because of its inherited frontier culture. Is there some reason that nearly every SETI experiment now running in the world (with one exception) is in the United States? Is it because other countries don't have the telescopes? Don't have the money or the expertise? The answers to these questions are all "no". Then why is this true? Perhaps it's for the same reason that The Astronaut Farmer could only have been made in America.""

Submission + - High-Testosterone People Enjoy Your Misery

ThanatosMinor writes: Are you a bully? Are you into shoving just for the fun of it? Did you kill a man in Reno just to watch him die? Well, researchers at the University of Michigan might have found out why. They have also shown that "while high-testosterone participants showed better learning in response to anger faces, they were unaware of the fact that they learned anything in the first place and unaware of what kind of faces had reinforced their learning."
Apparently, high-testosterone individuals' brains reward them when they see an angry face. Does this mean you can just flip someone off and see how you feel to measure your testosterone levels?

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