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Comment We did the same thing in the Gulf War (Score 5, Interesting) 82

So I was a 93F with the 101st and one of the first things we did when we got in country was take a trip into Iraq. I was amazed at the HUGE giant amount of tanks I saw as we approached our area to run a met mission(fly a weather balloon lol). As we got closer and closer... I started to notice something. About 50 feet away, I noticed there were wires holding these inflatable vehicles down and let out the biggest cackle you'd ever heard. It was brilliant.

We were there as a part of the GHOST ops to make it look like stuff was happening. Pretty smart if you think about it.

Comment Community for folks looking to return to Warlords. (Score 1) 146

Not sure if anyone is interested, but we have a really nice community with guilds (Both factions) on WoW, Wildstar, SW:TOR and more. http://exinferno.com/ We are building for WoD, The Division, Destiny and a few others. Great crew, fun but focused folks.

Hope to see some of you around! Would be great if I could get Jeff and Rob and others to come join me but I think they already have a server they play on. Btw, I've gone by "Sick" for the past 7 years or so instead of OctobrX. Heh. Moo!

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