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Journal October_30th's Journal: Working from home - life is good 5

At first I thought that the installation of air conditioning units in offices of our wing of the university was a real nuisance. There was noise (drilling in concrete, metal works,...), constant traffic in and out of my office and a horrible smell of metal being welded.

However, it didn't turn out to be so bad after all. Now I get to work from home and have to pop in the office only once or twice a week. It's quiet, I've got all the food, drink and music I want close at hand, people can't pester me by walking uninvited into my office and if I want to I can lie down on a bed and work using a laptop+WLAN. Try doing that at work. I can also sleep late and work late. If I need to communicate with someone, I can always do that by using instant messengers, cellphone or Skype. If I want to be unavailable I'll just log off and switch the cellphone into silent mode.

Once I get my permanent faculty position, I'll be working much more often from home. It should happen in a couple of months if everything goes well and then I'll be "untouchable" in the sense that no-one can give me grief about not showing up at the office as long as teach my courses and keep on publishing. :)

I know Mantorp works from home, but how about the rest of you?

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Working from home - life is good

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  • I do that sometimes, most often when I feel a cold or something coming on, or when I have to go to the evil eye doctor or evil dentist or evil whoever...

    I actually like going into the office though, for the free fruit (RoF likes sweet, sweet fruit) and for the flirting with all the cute guys that work here.. :-)
  • though I would have had a snow day today :)
  • they cracked down on it because someone was supposedly running a side business out of their home during work hours. I did yesterday and it was wonderful.
    • because someone was supposedly running a side business out of their home during work

      Hmm... now there's an idea. :)

  • I also work from home several days a week. Sometimes it is just convenient, other times, like yesterday it would have been a waste of time stuck in traffic -- we had rain falling on frozen roads making them into veritable ice-skating rinks and there were accidents and problems everywhere.

    Since our customers are scattered all over the world, most daily interaction is via e-mail and occasional phone calls. It doesn't really matter much where I am at what times, as long as the necessary things get done withi

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