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Comment Re: Story is BS (Score 1) 120

TOWs were used on helicopters, but were quickly replaced by more fire-and-forget munitions, or ones that could be guided by other laser-designators (for example a ground spotting team). It's much easier to hide from enemy fire in a trench/behind earthworks and use a TOW than to use it while hovering in a helicopter.

Comment Re:Okaaay. (Score 1) 203

Mod Parent Up, this is an excellent use of existing resources. If you're looking for extra Karma, collect some of the e-mails that relate to certain areas and use OneNote's various folder systems to organise them. Both Outlook and OneNote are bog-standard in most enterprises, anyone will be able to support access to the files, and using some kind of half-way useful naming structure will have the new hire praising your name (in private at least).

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