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Journal NyteGeek's Journal: What the heck is sucrolose you say? 2

Sucralose is as close to sugar as scientifically possible. It basically is sugar. The molecule is reversed. It taste like sugar but it is lighter and the body passes it right through with no ill effects. It's actually made from sugar.

In baked and cooked goods it taste the same, but in beverages you can tell the difference because it has a different texture and weight. This difference in texture and weight changes the flavor in liquids somewhat, especially hot ones like coffee.

What do you like to sweeten beverages with and foods with? Are you worried about potential health impacts of your choice?

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What the heck is sucrolose you say?

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  • Nature has evolved, over six billion or so years, to know which compounds produced by which organisms work productively to augment the operation of which other organisms.

    When man attempts to replace Nature's finest with the product of only ten or twenty years of scientific experimentation the results are less than optimal. There is no way that ten or twenty years of human design can possibly compete with six billion years of Nature's evolutionary process.

    Long live natural sugar--and marijuana.
  • I usually just use white sugar, honey or brown sugar. I don't use fake sugars.

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