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Journal Nymz's Journal: Mandatory TV Conversion Creates Complications For Prisons 12

Over-the-air analog TV is free to be received, and is considered an appropriate method to disseminate news and entertainment to prisoners in order to keep them informed of current events, to keep peace within a very stressful and often violent environment, and to reward and encourage civilized behavior for the day when they are reintegrated into society.

But some prison officials are struggling with how to pay for the upgrade, brought on by the mandatory digital TV conversion, and others face additional legal hurdles that ban upgrades, because it was assumed there would always be free analog broadcasts available. Read more about - Why U.S. prisons want their digital television.
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Mandatory TV Conversion Creates Complications For Prisons

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  • But I'm perfectly OK if prisoners don't get any TV at all.

    I don't know if it is still the case, but the jail in San Jose banned not only all tabacco, but all sugar and caffeine as well. So no soda, sweets, or coffee. The recitivisim rate plummeted;-)
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Nymz ( 905908 )
      I hear you, I don't want to pay for criminals to have a nice vacation either, but I also don't want them to be released more ignorant, and more violent, than when they went in.
      • what they need as a concrete reason to not want to go back to jail.

        for example: why do they need TVs, radios, magazines, newspapers, etc...

        they are there as punishment for their crimes not on freaking vacation.

        lock them in 6 foot by 8 foot cells by themselves, no entertainment, no "play outside in the yard" time, no nothing.

        just a plain white walled cell with a 1 way mirror outside the bars on the front so they cant see out but the guards can see every move they make.

        im sure after a few years
        • what they need is HBO and Showtime.

          your idea of prison is slightly warped. it is not a place to punish criminals--it's a place to separate them from society until they cool down.

          for punishment, i would much rather take 10 years of torture and daily lashings than 10 years in a solitary confinement space as you described. the simple stimulation of the whip would keep my brain from atrophying and turning me into a lunatic. which, btw, cannot be undone. are you sure those are the type of people you want bac

      • Yeah, and you have to think of the poor guys in there, who might have been convicted falsly, or those who really are working there way out of there the right way.

        Or those who have loved ones they might want to make sure are safe. Or even those who like their cartoons and that means they'll be happier/calmer that day.

  • Thanks for sharing.
  • Why can't prisons just install a low power analog transmitter to rebroadcast the digital signal from the outside world? No infrastructure changes are necessary.

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