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Comment The perfect solution to DMCA notices (Score 3, Insightful) 35

With all the stupid DMCA notices that seem to take down thousands of sites and videos at once, by mistake, the best solution seems to be self-hosted. It's much less likely that you'll receive a DMCA notice and at least you can act on it on your own decision, not some automated tool's.

If there wasn't a single "Youtube" but a thousand or a million "Youtubes"... well, the Internet might survive a bit longer.

Comment I'm a beefy miracle! (Score 4, Informative) 460

It helps when you're googling to know which software version you're in. Sometimes it's easier to Google for "Ubuntu Boring Beaver" than "Ubuntu 11.04" or whatever. Likewise with Windows, noone ever calls it Windows NT so noone would bother searching for Windows NT 6.1 issues.

It's all in the marketing, as many have stated.

Comment Not mutually exclusive (Score 5, Interesting) 1218

I am a Catholic guy, but I wasn't raised in the U.S. view's of creationism vs evolution. I am Mexican, and here, they teach us evolution *with* creationism. At church.

At school? They leave the God theories to the church. God has no business in the government schools, and teachers aren't nuns to be teaching kids about God anyway.

The way the Saturday Church classes taught me was that God didn't just create Adam and Eve, but evolved species into Adam and Eve. A simple way to explain it is that God plays Spore on a very big supercomputer with high definition graphics.

I don't get why Christians / Catholics get so pissy about Darwin being a theory and that a maker must've just spawned everything out of thin air. Both theories aren't mutually exclusive. The initial spores could've spawned out of thin air, then evolved into men and women.

And don't get me started with the Big Bang / Genesis thing, as the idea of creating the universe in 7 days is just wrong, but if some dude was shown a fast-forwarded video of the big bang and saw (and wrote) about creation taking place in 7 days, well that'd be a misunderstanding, I think.

Comment Re:Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom (Score 1) 49

Feel free to throw me an email to unsealed -at- k3rnel.net, i'd be glad to help you figure out what's wrong.

64bit linux libraries are included in the file, in fact, I tested everything on the OJDK 1.7 in Fedora 17. Is there some sort of a SeLinux for Ubuntu that might be preventing it from running? This is the first Ubuntu box that reports any problems with the game :-/

Comment Re:Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom (Score 1) 49

Dude, your suggestions totally rock! I knew I should have placed the keys ontop / below the buttons to make it easier, and I knew I (probably) shouldn't have given players a spell in one position, and switched it around on the next battle, what I didn't think of was adding a small buzz noise if you didn't have the mana to cast a spell.

As for the pause screen? It was requested, I didn't have time to do it for the contest. Esc was unclearly mapped to go back to the main menu. I apologize, fixes coming soon!

Controlling the main window with the keyboard is also coming soon.

Finally, the delays happen because I really rushed the code. I can (and will!) optimize it a lot more to make battles load instantly.

I appreciate the feedback, thanks for playing! :-)

Comment Re:Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom (Score 1) 49

Needless to say, that shouldn't happen! The Dummies shouldn't even try and act, I'm not sure why it crashed in the first place.

Thanks for your comments. I'll be updating the game in the coming weeks (and months!). You can keep up with the game's progress at http://unsealed.k3rnel.net/
(I'm currently *creating* the website, so things may be broken between now and Monday :) )

Comment Re:Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom (Score 1) 49

Ouch, I'm terribly sorry for that! I wish I had a stacktrace or something. Sometimes Java creates an hs_*.log file when the crash is super big (Which from the sound of it, it was).

I'm not sure if libgdx works on dual head workstations. All testing was done on a Fedora 17 Dell laptop and a Fedora 17 HP laptop. I'm looking forward to making it work everywhere.

As a suggestion, don't run it in full screen mode, as the text will be unreadable.

Comment Re:Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom (Score 1) 49

Thanks! I'm still going to continue development. I'm trying to set up a small site dedicated to the game.

I know the screen goes by too quickly. I should've made it last longer, but I did write a tutorial on Chapter 1...

As for the spells, I agree, they should've been more descriptive, but I hardly had time to do everything. Despite the fact that my entry was marked as a "Team", I was the sole developer, the rest of my team were artists. :-P

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