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Submission + - Need Windows for a job application 4

NullProg writes: In this economy, any job opportunity is welcomed. My Wife tried to fill out a on-line form using her KUbuntu box with firefox 3 and received a browser warning Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for this site. . The web site: apparently hasn't heard of Linux or Android. I've changed her user-agent in firefox but I believe I should not have to. How do other Android/Linux slashdot users deal with these Web Sites?

Submission + - Red Light Cameras

NullProg writes: "I received one of the automated tickets/fines from a traffic light camera in Tampa (Temple Terrace, next to USF). The Ticket/Fine was for "failure to stop at a Red Light". The ticket they sent me is crystal clear, the still photos show my truck license plate zoomed at about a 50:1 ratio at an intersection with no on-coming traffic with my truck brake lights on.

The problem is, I wasn't driving the vehicle at the time. My wife was. She insists she stopped. The website with the live video won't work without IE so I can neither prove or contest whether she did something wrong. This is the response I got from the company when I emailed them about the live video feed: The video works on internet explorer and it depends on the security settings of your computer. If you cannot view the video at home, you can try maybe a friends computer or the local library I'm not asking slashdot readers for legal advice. I'm going to fight the ticket (myself) because my wife said she didn't do it, she states she stopped (Yes I will subpoena the camera software, optics, etc). My question is do you find it fair to have a computer automated ticket sent to you and then be told you have to buy or borrow a windows box to view it? If its a taxpayer bought system, shouldn't it be platform neutral?"

Submission + - California to tame your home thermostat

NullProg writes: "The state of California is about to enhance Title 24 ( One of the new mandates requires new homes to have a RF controlled thermostat. When you change your existing home central AC/Heating system, the installers are going to be required by law to install the new RF thermostats. The state of California is allowed to set your thermostat to whatever they desire in an emergency power crises (Which they don't define). Explain to me again why a nanny state is good and why we are not building more nuclear/coal power plants?"

Submission + - Windows Live Healthcare

NullProg writes: The latest blog from Mary Jo Foley over at ZDnet states that Microsoft will be entering the medical records storage business. From the article, Peter Neupert, vice president of the Microsoft Health Solutions Group, described HealthVault as "an extension of our (health) search product." "It's a platform — a shred data repository for users to collect, store and access their health information." Neupert and others at Microsoft know that connectivity is only one hurdle players in this market face. Privacy concerns are even more of an issue, especially for Microsoft, which isn't a company many users have come to equate with "trust." Microsft will use Windows Live ID as the secure-authentication mechanism. I personally would rather store my health care information myself. Will others entrust Miscrosoft with thier medical records?

Submission + - Microsoft legal defender at DOJ

NullProg writes: Thomas O. Barnett, a US Department of Justice assistant attorney general and ex-Microsoft lawyer rejected an anti-trust complaint by Google. The complaint, which contends that Google's desktop search tool is slowed down by Microsoft's competing program, has not been made public by Google or the judge overseeing the Microsoft consent decree, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the Federal District Court in Washington. It is expected to be discussed at a hearing on the decree in front of Judge Kollar-Kotelly this month. The full story is here soft.html?ei=5065&en=a6f3dd79c5258b91&ex=118205280 0&partner=MYWAY&pagewanted=print

Submission + - Developers introduction to the PS3

NullProg writes: Over at IBM DeveloperWorks they have a story An introduction to Linux on the PLAYSTATION 3 inuxps3-1/. The article provides details on how to install Linux on your PS3. The author then provides source code to demonstrate programming for the PPE and SPE. This is the first in a series of articles on how to program the PS3.

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