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Comment Re:Not as serious as it sounds (Score 1) 98

It is done on a vast majority of php sites, you just haven't been around long enough to hear about it I guess. phpBB back in the day had this issue like crazy and once someone found it could be injected, any major public forum using phpBB was injected. You just hear about IIS/ASP more on /. because OMG it's M$ products being hacked again. But really SQL injection has nothing to do with the technology being used and everything to do with lazy coding methods being used in applications.

Submission + - Time & Attendance for the Mid-Size Business

NuclearRampage writes: I work for a mid-size manufacturing company with ~2000 employee and 7 satellite sites all using leased ethernet barcode clocks with collection software from 1999. Not only is it expensive to lease the clocks, but is very hard to extract data from collection software to get the management customized reports. We started down the road of looking for new systems that we can host in-house and it seams ridiculous that simple clock with bar code scanner ranges from $500 to $1700 just because it communicates with the vendors specific software. Has anyone rolled their own time & attendance system or found a decent vendor that won't charge $100,000 to do time & attendance for 2000 people?

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