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Comment fixing USB TV tuner with a hot wheat bag (Score 1) 258

I've also got a wheat bag that you can heat up to relieve headaches. As it turns out, you can fix a USB TV tuner with it as well:
  - http://aarongnielsen.blogspot....

Apparently, if you took off the plastic casing and baked it properly in a medium oven, you could enact a more permanent fix. I haven't been game to try it, though.

Comment issue here is simple (Score 1) 286

If I ask a grocer for 2kg of potatoes, and he gives me 1kg of potatoes and charges me for 2kg, I think I have a right to complain. Why do we let computer people get away with that sort of nonsense?

In fact, if Microsoft made a table with 64GB of disk space, but it only made 23GB of that available to the user, you'd all complain about that:

Comment anti-Russian bias (Score 0) 667

I love how media outlets - including Slashdot - are making no effort whatsoever to hide anti-Russian bias.

The Ukrainians edited Wikipedia to say that Russians shot down MH17.
The Russians edited Wikipedia to say that Ukrainians shot down MH17.

Every headline complains about Russians editing Wikipedia pages about MH17. Where are the headlines about Ukrainians having already done the same thing? Where is the balance?

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