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Comment Re:E-bikes will stall for one simple reason: (Score 1) 271

E-bikes will stall for one simple reason: the car lobby will make sure wide spread adoption will not be possible. They will introduce 'safety' laws to 'protect' E-bike riders from those 'dangerous' speeds up to 20 mph. You will need to wear a helmet, pass an exam (and will be re-examinated verey year if possible), pay taxes and a liability insurance for when a car crashes into you^H^H^H^H^H^H^H you crash into a car.

Donald Trump will declare riding a E-bike is un-American, wasn't invented here, and will forbid them when hes is president.

Comment Re:Pedestrians (Score 1) 264

Self driving cars will be a lot safer for bicycles, pedestrians and so on. The software in the car is always vigilant and will actually see them and stop for them. Their awareness of other road user might be their biggest problem. People just will take priority of self driving cars because they know the car will stop in time to prevent an accident.


Comment Re:Colo? (Score 3, Informative) 285

I am using a ReadyNAS Duo running Free BSD. The NAS is in a cupboard a a friend a few houses away.

For syncing I use Unison. The initial backup was created onsite. Every night I run an incremental backup. When local drives are destroyed it is only a short walk to get my data back.

It all works like a charm.

Comment Re:Open set it is! (Score 4, Informative) 248

GP has already used all the supposed finite number of prime numbers in constructing his contradictory bigger prime.

The proof constructs a number that is not divisible by any of the prime numbers in the set of all prime numbers. Therefore it proofs there are an infinite number of prime numbers. The conclusion the constructed number must be prime is wrong.


Comment Re:Cool idea, but never happen... (Score 1) 368

If the US companies are stalling this development I bet soon enough some Japanese or Chinese companies think is is a great idea and start selling it all over the world. Just like electric cars, pv solar cells. US companies may even try to block import of those great power supplies and make the US into some backward country where they are still burning fossil fuels for energy while the rest of the world moves on.

Comment Problem is easily solved through marketing. (Score 1) 215

Most of the new gen phones run far more efficient on WiFi than on 3G or HSDPA. If the carriers just spend a few bucks on a campaign promoting it, then their problem will be solved. Most smartphone owners have WiFi at home and quite a large percentage have a guest network at their work. If you run WiFi at these two locations, it is to improve your own battery life and the suggested mobile data limits are all of a sudden acceptable.

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