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Comment Problem is easily solved through marketing. (Score 1) 215

Most of the new gen phones run far more efficient on WiFi than on 3G or HSDPA. If the carriers just spend a few bucks on a campaign promoting it, then their problem will be solved. Most smartphone owners have WiFi at home and quite a large percentage have a guest network at their work. If you run WiFi at these two locations, it is to improve your own battery life and the suggested mobile data limits are all of a sudden acceptable.

Comment Re:Cost Much? (Score 1) 149

The joke is that the current smartphones are much more efficient running on wifi than on 3G http://www.teksocial.com/socialblog/2010/11/14/better-battery-life-smartphone-data-3g-vs-wifi.html . So if you have wifi access at work and at home, then you only use the battery hungry 3G when you are really mobile. Leaving the wifi on permanently is the simplest way to save battery and limit the load on the data plan. If T-Mobile now just start a marketing campaign communicating this to the people, then the whole (S | M) & MS is a moot point.

Comment Where is the "market budget" variable? (Score 1) 243

Without an input variable on how much money was spent convincing the masses that it is music one should listen to, it lacks the full measurement. There is most certainly a large percentage of the measurement showing just this. By the sounds of it, this algorithm can help me pick out songs I don't want to listen to ;)

Comment Is the lock in that strong? (Score 2) 129

The deal between Microsoft an Nokia has been a big topic with many opinions. The opinion that Microsoft actually needed a strong hardware platform for their OS more than Nokia needed Win Mobile for their phones is a strong contender for me. Maybe having a say in keeping Qt open is a clear signal that this is also truly the case. It could very well be that Nokia was keen for the partnering but is not ready to sell their soul and cut off all options for the future. ~

Comment Bought software is used differently (Score 1) 361

Often people use pirated software for personal use or the occasional tinkering. Many of these will buy a licensed copy if they use it for commercial purposes. These pirated copies contribute to the level of obsequiousness of the software and to what extent a person will advise a licensed copy to his corporation when he has experience with the software on a personal level. Many of these unlicensed copies will be replaced by a lesser capable free software alternative if push comes to shove.

Comment At least human powered vehicles still improve (Score 1) 531

The loss of these edges of technology that is in no way sustainable is something we would have to accept, I guess. At least the advances in human powered vehicles are still going strong. Pushing the limits what a person can attain by wasting less. Approaching 130km/h with only a human as power source is a huge achievement and an exceptional advancement over the speeds traveled 30-40 years ago (concorde/ SR-71 days). Even road going cycles capable like the ones built by velomobiel.nl give common folk the capabilities to travel at super human speeds of more than 30% what is possible with a regular racer.

Comment I thought the main problems were elsewhere (Score 1) 335

It might be caused by a bias in what I read, but I thought the electric vehicle had 2 other more serious problems. The first problem was the resources required in their production. Many of the materials used in EV is causing shortages in these resources. The second problem is that the electricity network is not designed to handle the extra distribution involved in a mass scale up of EVs. Batteries that charge quicker puts more load on the network when for instance people get home on a work day.

Comment Re:slashvertisement (Score 4, Interesting) 100

Your discomfort is understandable. Even such, I am very glad that QCad now has an alternative. QCad has no active development on the free version and still runs on KDE3. It is my weapon of choice when doing 2D CAD work. Whether DraftSight will replace it, is still an open point and the final choice is not as important as the fact that I have a choice. For doing electrical circuits in Linux one has very little choice but using Eagle. Also a commercial product. It is a very decent package and most definitely made my life a lot simpler. I'd love to have everything FOSS for my work and home environment, but often need goes ahead of want.

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