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Comment Re:Interviews need training, too (Score 1) 1001

That guy was going to be my new manager, had I accepted the job. I had no interest in working for someone who could not handle being wrong.

I had a similar experience early in my career (early 2000's). I interviewed for a data analyst job dealing with survey data, and the hiring manger (the only other database programmer) asked me a TSQL question where he had a specific answer in mind. His answer was to use a "@value is >= x and @value is
He told me that my answer was wrong, so figuring that I'd already lost the job I argued my point. He believed I was wrong so strongly that we relocated the interview to his desk so that he could prove me wrong. The interview ended when he found out that I wasn't.

Dodged a bullet on that one.


Comment Re:The best interview coding question (Score 1) 1001

"Show me an example of a program that you wrote and are proud of"

(and then go over the program with them to make sure they understand how it works and why they wrote it the way they did)

This is how I got my last contracting gig at MS. They pointed to a couple of projects on my resume and listened as I explained the problem being solved, the analysis I did to decide on the solution, and the techniques I used to implement the solution. It was a small close-knit team, and the interview-questions games wasn't any part of it.


Comment Re:oh boy! (Score 2) 253

Over the years I've adopted a few rules dealing with 3rd party recruiters:
* No fishing. If you don't have an actual job to talk to me about I've got better things to do
* It's my job search. I don't need you to manage my job search. I'm not going to tell you everywhere I've applied already.
* No meet 'n greet's. We can have face-time after you've secured me an interview
* 10 minute rule. Without an actual job description from your client(s) everything we need to discuss can be done in 10 minutes.

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