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Comment I have to take this guy with a grain of salt (Score 1) 412

I mean reading about programming from a guy that has on more than one occasion talked about virtual memory but literally has no clue about what it actually is makes me a little dubious. Anyway aren't they still sell tens of millions of PC/Laptops every year? They're just not replacing them every 2 years since a 5 year old laptop/desktop is good enough these days. (Can't wait until he'll say tablets are dead when they've just reached saturation as well.)

Comment Hybrid Mustang? I guess ford's the first (Score 2) 432

Given that there's 3 super cars that are hybrids(McLaren P1, Porsche 918, Ferrari La Ferrari) I'm very interested how the first hybrid sport/muscle/pony car regular people can afford will turn out. Not expecting super car performance but if done right it could be quite a car.

Comment But But But! (Score 1) 98

All those "smart" people on the McLaughlin Group talked about how apple and the like would put that in their phones that would let the government in while keeping it otherwise safe. Yes I'm being sarcastic. (I've never seen a better example of the "Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia effect" in my life FWIW.)

Comment Re: And when it comes to dems complaining about i (Score 1) 1069

No, I am not. I really am not.

Actually you are. The big complaint about the electoral college is that it weighs certain states more heavily than others. (Swing states) The primary process also has a similar issue but there are now they're caused by two issues. Swing states are still an issue but voting order is now another issue. Doing badly early in say Iowa and New Hampshire can knock out a candidate that might have been stronger later on which would give those states more political power. (Neither of which is a large state.) By the time California gets around to voting in June its effect is effectively meaningless even though it has the most delegates because the contest is effectively over.

Yes I realize the chances that this will be changed are near zero but still easier, or actually a better way to say it would be less difficult than actually changing the electoral process. (I mean other than that end round with the electoral college compact.) I say that because again it's easier to get one side to make a change to how they do things than changing the electoral system which would require congress and state legislatures and the votes of both republicans and democrats to get it to happen. Of course I'm also not one to call the electoral college result "bogus" since both sides knew the rules of the game and played it according to the rules. (Calling it bogus because "oh popular vote is the real vote" is another lie people repeat without thinking. I mean unless you think campaigning doesn't work.)

Comment Re:Just to add on how rare (Score 1) 133

That's true. If you look at the stuff on Wikipedia it's 4 cows that tested positive and 3 people in the US with vCJD.(Although to be fair the tests on the cows apparently will always report negative on animals below a certain age.) However when you do a bit deeper digging with a link to the CDC you find all 3 people almost certainly got it from European beef. If I remember correctly 2 were British nationals and the other was a Saudi national.

Comment Re: And when it comes to dems complaining about it (Score 1) 1069

You're making my point for me. The dems are complaining how the electoral college is unfair and gives too much weight to small states. Like you've pointed out, New Hampshire. Just another example of how their primary process gives weight to smaller states but in this case is a more extreme example. Just to be clear I don't think they'd actually do anything, saying electoral college is just a way for them to complain about something they know won't change. (It would be far easier to change the primary process if they really cared than the general election.)

Comment And when it comes to dems complaining about it (Score 1) 1069

They pretty much use a similar system to pick their candidate for the election. In an odd coincidence she lost the 2008 primary even though she "won" the popular vote. If the dems think the electoral college sucks they can do a test run and show everybody how well the popular vote would work by using it in their primaries. Have the primaries all on one day and popular vote decides the winner. Lets see how that works out.

Comment You know it's too bad (Score 2) 534

It's too bad that there's no massive network of interconnected computers that researchers could have release all their research in all sciences over the past 20+ years openly for all of mankind to benefit from instead of having to keep it at the mercy of scientific journals. If something like that existed then it would basically be impossible to censor as it would spread and be archived all over the world. Oh well, back on the internet to watch cat videos.

Comment Re:Where's the Mainland? (Score 1) 47

Among the horrors were the notion that polling something at a rate of ~10KHz (as opposed to having a working interrupt system) would be a fine solution for a desktop app

Holy crap, you had an engineer do that to you too? I had some form of engineer (can't quite find out if it was an aerospace or mechanical engineer though, brags a lot.) who refuses to use anything but polling. Hell, they used a bool as their form of thread synchronization in C++. (Oh, that's why the app crashed every so often.)

Comment To be successful it's has to have 3 features (Score 1) 193

1 It must work fast since the worst part is a day or 2 and it's gone in 7 if you do nothing.

2 It must be cheap since if you do nothing most of the time it'll go away.

3 It must be very safe because if you do nothing most of the time it'll go away.

Those 3 reasons are probably the big ones why it didn't get developed before. (Since it'd be hard to make something that safe that worked that quickly and little money in the end.)

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