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Comment Agile was just terribly named (Score 1) 145

I mean I think I get where the agile dogma was trying to go but they decided to make something they could sell to business higher-ups and by doing so gave management just enough room to completely fuck it up. From what I can see what I consider agile is really 4 principles

Talking - Yes, both sides (the person that wants the work and the one doing the work) really need to talk to each other regularly so we don't have somebody going off for 6 months and coming up with something nobody wants. (That also means the one that wants can't be silent either

Trust - Both sides have to believe that the other knows what they're doing because if they don't everyone is screwed. (That means no micromanagement. I'm always surprised how often people doing agile fuck this one up.)

Respect - Don't waste either sides time or resources. This is in opposition to talking but the point is if you want your developers to do their work don't waste their time with tech support. Builders also shouldn't waste the owners time with stupid question about minutia.

Reflect - every so often go over what did and didn't work and what could be done to improve and you really need to act on those things. (For example I've worked at places that didn't automate releases and didn't really want to check if this was a problem even when we brought it up.

Anyway in most cases what's called Agile is really cargo cult agile. (It looks like agile but things are done for the wrong reasons.)

Comment No because so much doesn't work (Score 1) 982

I've posted this more than once but I've run into bugs where the following stopped working

The start menu

the store



Account administration

In these cases the only solution is either create a new account or reinstall windows. (Which creates a new account.) The standard advice (sfc /scannow and dism) did not fix it.

Comment Same here (Score 1) 506

It's been my experience as well that it's extremely buggy. My first clean install various things like the start menu, edge, and calculator didn't work on my main account. I did a format and clean install and now my main account the store doesn't work and neither does the app to add new users. Yes I tried that sfc /scannow and dism apps to fix it which didn't work. The weird part was that other accounts were fine and apparently the main advice if this happens is to create a new account and maybe it'll work for awhile. I can't wait to see what screws up if I do a 3rd clean install. (Yes I'm being sarcastic.)

Comment They were lucky it was only 2 (Score 2) 240

Since apparently the eventual plan was to drop bombs as part of the invasion of operations Olympic and Coronet to soften up the Japanese. It was my understanding one of the reasons to use them for real was to figure out how far in front of the invasion to drop them so they didn't take out the troops. Oh, and they had one more ready for the end of August and then the US was REALLY going to ramp up productions. (Something like 20-30 nukes by the end of 45.)

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