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Comment To be successful it's has to have 3 features (Score 1) 193

1 It must work fast since the worst part is a day or 2 and it's gone in 7 if you do nothing.

2 It must be cheap since if you do nothing most of the time it'll go away.

3 It must be very safe because if you do nothing most of the time it'll go away.

Those 3 reasons are probably the big ones why it didn't get developed before. (Since it'd be hard to make something that safe that worked that quickly and little money in the end.)

Comment 2 more I've seen (Score 5, Interesting) 497

1 Not being careful with floats. (Those can totally bite you including using floats when you should have used an int/uint type)

2 Developers who decide to reinvent the wheel because "They know best". (Just dealing with code where somebody decided I don't want to use the built in stuff, I'm going to do my own date time stuff which constantly has issue. Makes you pull your hair out.)

Comment Look you can't assume she would have won (Score 1) 1081

if we had the popular vote. To cut to the chase electoral college vs popular vote is how you keep "Score" in the "Game" of "US Presidential Elections". You "play" the "Game" and "Score" via campaigning. If you change the rules of the game you change how the game is played. This pretty much means they'd campaign differently, mostly to avoid being blown out in the north east and California. I mean unless you think something crazy like campaigning doesn't work or something.

Comment Re: Fucking Useless Shit (Score 1) 178

If you're using all 3 colors to simulate black you screwed up when buying the printer.

I guess that's a fair assessment for me since I had a printer that did that even if you told it to just use black but I should have known better. It was an HP printer. (Only way to get it to not use color ink to do black was to remove the color ink cartridge and leave the black one in.)

Comment IE Boelcke vs Boyd (Score 1) 343

IE the guy who was an actual fighter ace (Boelcke) that basically thought if you were dogfighting you failed vs the "fighter expert" (Boyd) who never actually shot down anybody who was big of cheap agile planes that were good at dog fighting.(Because in Vietnam they higher ups decided on rules that forced dogfighting.) Or you could look up dicta boelcke and see that the best way to shoot down another airplane is shoot him down before the poor stupid fucker has any idea he's in a fight. (IE don't dogfight, shoot him in the fucking back.) BTW when's the last time any US pilot has actually done a dogfight anyway? (My understanding is that it's been awhile. As in 30 or 40 years.)

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