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Comment The reason it can't be dumped (Score 1) 372

It is only the US that forces student loans that can't be dumped in any way.

There's a simple reason it can't be dumped except for things like getting crippled very badly. There's nothing to repossess. I mean in theory you could take the person's degree away from them but they'd still come out with whatever they learned and whatever network connections they made in college. On the other hand if you don't pay for your car loan the bank takes away the car and sells it to somebody else. The deal is if you could just get out of it like that no bank would make student loans. (Since people would and have declare bankruptcy to avoid paying for things like med school.)

Comment Really? Galileo? (Score 1) 181

I mean the guy who got in trouble because after his college buddy, Pope Urban VIII, asked him to publish the heliocentric hypothesis he did so in Italian with a dig in his treatise about the omnipotence of god.(Which is what actually got him in trouble.) I could point out that the 2 leading theories that they were considering, Tychonic and Copernican, are mathematically equivalent and make the same predictions. I could also point out that he had no actual evidence that the Earth moved, he tried to demonstrate that it moved with his tide theory but the problem that people at the time pointed out was that his theory got every fact about tides wrong except that there are tides. (It predicts that there's 1 tide a day, it's at noon, and it's always the same height. All of which are wrong.) The Catholic church are a bunch of control freaks but that whole anti-science thing is a myth.

Comment If H1B's really were about bringing talent (Score 2) 318

Then the US government wouldn't allow the company sponsoring the worker to have any control over his status, well at least after some trial period.(Say 6 months) I mean really, if it was about talent would anybody want a talent guy to get the boot back to his country because of the whims of his boss? (Yes, I know it's politics is the real reason they let companies own people under H1B)

Comment Look who's won the peace prize (Score 1) 405

People like Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin, and Shimon Peres. I always say given I've done nothing for peace but some of the prize winners have done less than nothing I must have won it at least once since I deserve it more than them. Of course more than half the planet deserves it more so I'm figuring it'll take a long time to give them all out.

Comment What in the blue hell are you talking about (Score 5, Informative) 834

Guess what. Technology workers like you and me aren't immune to the same damn laws of capitalism. Businesses will find a way to reduce costs and punch up their profits, no matter what populist measures are passed by the politicians.

I guess you missed it. The big bitch session about H1B's is that it isn't capitalism, it's cronyism. It's using government to interfere with the market by letting business use effectively indentured servants. They bring people in that don't have the knowledge about how much the job is actually worth, suppressing wages. Then when they find out they're getting screwed just like US citizens they have no recourse since if they raise a stink they lose their status and have to go back while the company gets yet another sucker. If this was capitalism then the foreign candidates would just work for somebody else that actually paid them what they're worth but with the H1B program they're prevented from taking any action. But hey, it's not as though this is the only time a company thought that using cronyism is a hell of a lot better deal than actual capitalism.

Comment Re:Because they're constantly generating new keys. (Score 1) 203

Very informative. Sounds like the key card system I was working on was a bit different since those things were on the network. Actually it sounds as though with the one you mentioned if the database containing the token-room pairing got encrypted by ransomware they'd have issues generating new keys though. Or do you mean all the tokens were the same for all cards and only the increment changed?

Comment Wait I thought they couldn't use physical keys (Score 1) 203

Something about it's actually less secure to use physical keys and virtual ones. I mean even years ago they switched away from physical keys to cards because in the past you only needed to have the key copied and then it was good for that room until they thought to change the locks. (Which given they're physical wasn't going to happen because that cost money.) The new key system they basically generate a new key and put it on the card and publish it to the lock in your room every single time a new guest checks in.(So you take the key card with you when you leave? Good luck getting back into your old room because the system knows the key is expired.) Sure you can swipe the key card and copy it but that will only work until the guest checks out or asks the manager to put a new code on the lock.

Comment Re:Reasons for pure oxygen (Score 1) 87

Just to add on what other have said if you run at 5 PSI you could build the capsule to hold less pressure which means it's lighter. You build it lighter that in turn means you can use less fuel to get the capsule into space which is a big thing given how much fuel you need to get those things up. (You know, given that you're basically using a lot of what are effectively explosives to get those things up there using some pure oxygen seems safe in comparison.) As for why pure oxygen at lift off it's for one because they wanted to wash out as much nitrogen from the astronauts bodies as possible before they got into space so they wouldn't get the bends, which btw isn't nitrogen narcosis. Nitrogen narcosis is when there's too much nitrogen dissolved in your blood which you get from breathing air at high pressure. (More nitrogen than normal gets dissolved in your tissues.) The bends happens when pressure is dropped and bubbles of previously dissolved nitrogen come out of solution and form in your tissues. This would happen even if you had a normal amount of nitrogen in you due to breathing air at 1 atm and then you dropped the pressure to 1/3 atm of pure oxygen. By breathing pure oxygen at 1 atm you could get at least some of that nitrogen out then when you got into space they could drop the pressure and you would have nitrogen bubbles form in your body.

Comment We could always try my suggestion (Score 1) 221

So the big problem I see with H1B's is they're tied to one company and get kicked out if they get fired. (Which makes them not want to look for another job.) So change things so that after a very short time period, say 3-6 months, they're an immigrant like anybody else and can stay for 5-10 years. I want them to start looking for a new job if the company that hired them is screwing them over. Oh and if we see you losing all your H1B's to other companies I would want the feds to not give you more of them. (Because it would be a clear indication you're fucking everybody over and don't deserve more.)

Comment I have to take this guy with a grain of salt (Score 1) 501

I mean reading about programming from a guy that has on more than one occasion talked about virtual memory but literally has no clue about what it actually is makes me a little dubious. Anyway aren't they still sell tens of millions of PC/Laptops every year? They're just not replacing them every 2 years since a 5 year old laptop/desktop is good enough these days. (Can't wait until he'll say tablets are dead when they've just reached saturation as well.)

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