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Comment Re:Well, to be realistic (Score 1) 130

Pro Tip - ALWAYS charge in the local currency. Your credit card exchange rate is almost guaranteed to be better than the merchant's exchange rate. (Typical cards charge 3%, some only 1% and there are a few that charge 0%).

The merchant exchange rate will approach the worst rates + fees that you will find in Airport kiosks.

Comment Re:Well, to be realistic (Score 1) 130

It takes me about 10-15 minutes of watching a bored teller at Wells Fargo tapping a keyboard before I can get out of there to buy or sell CAD, Euros, Pounds, or Yen... (and I highly recommend having at least your first cab/train fare in local currency when you travel. I have skipped a very long line of cashless tourists at CDG airport to buy my train ticket to Paris from a machine with cash. To be fair that was 3 years ago, maybe the chip cards are good-to-go now, if you remember to get your PIN.)

Every time, I am amazed... really, 10 minutes to change a few hundred USD to something else?

Comment deeper than google... (Score 3, Interesting) 142

About 1.5 hours ago I could reproduce the results of this video

And now, mysteriously (even non-google) searches for "hillary clinton ind" are mostly coming up with "indiana" instead of "indictment"... weird.

of course, maybe in the last hour, zillions of sock puppets are searching and clicking thru on indiana...

Comment Re:Case closed (Score 2, Interesting) 142

I searched duckduckgo for "secret plan to manipulate search results to help Hillary" - and all the results start with "Did Google..."

The results for the same search on Google start with "There's No Evidence..." or "Google denies", but to be fair there is also a link to the whack jobs at zerohedge...

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