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Comment Re:Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 433

That doesn't seem like a particularly believable reason. ARM SoCs that might end up in tablets and phones all have at least moderately competent GPUs and the requirements of Aero Glass are pretty trivial even by modern mobile GPU standards (compositing, a token amount of pixel shader). More importantly, offloading rendering to the GPU is more power efficient (which is why Apple pushed as much as possible there starting when laptop sales began to outnumber desktops and continued when iDevices started to become popular).

Comment Re:What the hell? $600K? (Score 1) 54

Just the accounting you'd need to sell the thing to the government would cost you $100K. Oh, and you'd have to pay yourself or someone else to take part in the bidding process or apply for the granted, and that has to be recouped as part of the sale cost. Er... you were planning on paying yourself for your time, weren't you?

Also, there's a big difference between building a prototype from junk you scrounged and building a reproducible product. When you build a product the second copy should be exactly the same as the first but cost less. Duplicating a one-off prototype exactly usually costs more. Why? Proof of concept prototypes are cheap because you make them with surplus stuff you have lying around or can buy for fractions of a penny on the dollar. You can be opportunistic. The problem is any particular set of opportunities (e..g the $10,000 assembly you picked up at auction for $50) aren't reproducible.

I had a colleague whose first job out of school was writing up a detailed specification for a prototype midget submarine a defense research lab built for the Navy. The Navy was pleased at the low cost and so they wanted to be able to build a second one just like it. Well it turned out that a second one would have cost a hundred times as much they'd have had to pay manufacturers to reverse engineer stuff or start up production lines. It was one of the pointless, futile tasks you dump on newbie engineers before you know you can trust their work.

Comment Re:Basic Journalism... (Score 3, Insightful) 103

That's an asinine argument. Other people who should do it don't do it, so I won't do it either.

Wikileaks won't do it because Assange is a chaos-monger posing as a crusader. Wikileaks should do curate its leaks because when you possess information you act responsibly with it, e.g., don't expose people it is about to identity fraud.

Comment Re:BS "most popualar" (Score 1) 356

noun: product; plural noun: products

an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.
"marketing products and services"
a substance produced during a natural, chemical, or manufacturing process.
"waste products"
synonyms: artifact, commodity, manufactured article; More
creation, invention;
goods, wares, merchandise, produce
"a household product"
a thing or person that is the result of an action or process.
"his daughter, the product of his first marriage"
synonyms: result, consequence, outcome, effect, upshot, fruit, by-product, spin-off
"his skill is a product of experience"
a person whose character and identity have been formed by a particular period or situation.
"an aging academic who is a product of the 1960s"
commercially manufactured articles, especially recordings, viewed collectively.

Please learn something before you spout insults because you clearly do not know what the meaning of words mean. Also in the business sense, Samsung was providing a service not a product to Apple because they did not own the design; they cannot sell the design. That's what contract to manufacture means; a service. You ma'am simply are an idiot.

Comment Re:Deeeep and Trooouuuubling Questions! (Ahem) (Score 1) 118

So does this mean that the "infinity" between centimetres and infinitesimal is larger than the infinity between nanometres and infinitesimal?

No. You can subtract a constant from infinity, subtract any finite number from them, and the size of the infinity doesn't change.

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