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Comment Re:EE Degree (Score 1) 180

Ever studied dynamic systems? The journey from Newton's first principles to the Hamiltonians and Lagrangians too a couple hundred years for a reason: the math of modeling the evolution of a stateful classical system is very distant from the math that describes that system in some elegant way. The connection between the two is non-obvious, to say the least.

State in programming is very straightforward, though I guess it's equally distant from the elegant mathematical systems of the lambda calculus and combinator logic.

Not to mention the fact that the best programming is only frugally stateful anyway.

That's certainly the current fad. The best programming is "whatever approach keeps things simple", which is never going to be the same tool for all jobs.

Comment Re:COBOL isn't hard to learn (Score 2) 185

Indeed. If there is a market for COBOL programmers (and it's clear there is), then the obvious solution is for unis and colleges to spit out more COBOL-literate CS graduates. Honestly, if I was ten years younger, I'd probably delve into it myself. It is, after all, just a programming language, and hardly on the same level of trying to learn Sanskrit.

Comment Re: treatment? (Score 1) 705

He is merely stating his opinion about medical treatment plus informing the people that he olds a doctor's degree.

Publicly stating that engineers are wrong and at the same time proclaiming he is an engineer? I think you are disregarding those two pieces of facts.

I think he can do that and should be able to do that without fear of being prosecuted by some over-zealous civil servant.

He has been told to stop using the term which he ignored. The board has no say about the merits of his claims. In fact they're already told him that the state board has no jurisdiction on the traffic lights of the City of Beaverton as that is controlled by the city.

Comment Re:Trust me I am a doctor (Score 1) 705

He passed his college's exam for the engineering education they provide, so he can call himself an engineer.

And that is where your logic falls apart. You cannot call yourself a "doctor" if you only have a medical degree but never passed the boards. You cannot yourself a "lawyer" if you don't pass the bar. Professionally some states have restrictions on who can call themselves "engineers". Now in this day and age, that title has been abused by many who have no engineering degree; that does not change the requirements.

If the state doesn't think he's an engineer by then they should regulate the colleges issuing those titles and control their examination procedures.

You want a state board to control and regulate what a college in another state (or country) does? Did you think about what you are proposing? First of all, the state board is clearly saying that in the current state for which they have jurisdiction, they can recognize titles. Second the college can award a degree; they do not award titles. Third, every state that I am aware requires the same engineering exams to get the license. The first test is called the E.I.T. The second test is called the P.E.

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Comment Re:Pay your fucking taxes instead (Score 4, Insightful) 160

And that's exactly the attitude that leads to this situation: the belief among a large subset of the population that they will eventually get rich and benefit from all of the loopholes that aid the rich. The overwhelming majority of the richest people in the world were born rich. They didn't come from being lower middle class and work hard to earn their money.

Comment Re:Slow news day (Score 2) 180

IBM used to have a bunch of aptitude tests for entry-level technical jobs. I was recently speaking to a retired alumna at my college who applied to their admin track and after doing the tests for that was asked if she'd be willing to try the technical track tests. She did well in those and stayed with the company for 10 years, helping to design System/360 and 370. She was particularly smug about the fact that her boyfriend at the time had failed the same aptitude tests.

Comment Re:Another outrage article (Score 2) 267

Then, almost by definition, it is worthless

And yet it works in exactly the way Libertarians are telling us things will work: companies put an agreed-on label on their products, they have an incentive to check unreasonable-sounding claims from their competitors as do consumer groups, and there is redress through the courts (and bad publicity) if anyone is caught cheating. For once, it's a free market solution that is working with a minimal amount of government intervention.

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