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Comment Re:Not a biased result. (Score 1) 204

That is part of the reason the judge(s) in this case found that swiping of the magnetic strips was no a violation of the 4th amendment, since there was no reasonable of expectation to privacy regarding the contents of the magnetic stripes:
Another Fourth Amendment consequence flows from the commercial
purpose of gift cards. Unlike cell phones and computers, whose function of
storing personal information often results in access being restricted by a
password, the raison d’être of gift cards means that third party cashiers will
often be doing the same swiping that law enforcement did here. DE L’Isle, 825
F.3d at 430 (“[T]he purpose of a . . . gift card is to enable the holder of the card
to make purchases, and to accomplish this, the holder must transfer
information from the card to the seller, which negates an expressed privacy
interest.”); Bah, 794 F.3d at 633 (“A credit card’s stored information . . . is
intended to be read by third parties. That is the only reason for its existence.”
(second emphasis added) (quoting United States v. Benjamin, No. 4:14-CR-
3089, 2014 WL 5431349, at *11 (D. Neb. Oct. 24, 2014))); see generally Smith
v. Maryland, 442 U.S. 735 (1979) (discussing the third party doctrine); United
States v. Miller, 425 U.S. 435 (1976) (same).
We thus join the other courts that have considered this issue and
conclude that society does not recognize as reasonable an expectation of privacy
in the information encoded in a gift card’s magnetic stripe. See Bah, 794 F.3d
at 631; DE L’Isle, 825 F.3d at 432; Alabi, 943 F. Supp. 2d at 1285; Medina,
2009 WL 3669636, at *11.

Comment -1% club (Score 1) 198

I guess I would be in the negative 1% club since I don't subscribe to cable at all and only subscribe online to HBO during "Game of Thrones" season then swiftly cancel. The only 2 channels I would like to have, HGTV and Comedy, are not available separately, so I simply found alternative sources of entertainment such as Twitch and Youtube, both of which I gladly support (Twitch Turbo & Patreon for individual Youtube channels.)

Comment Re:How much do all the ads on webpages cost? (Score 1) 78

It's worse than the obnoxious ad bars, just about every news website these days automatically plays embedded videos. If you check your browser cache you will find it having anywhere from 500MB to serveral GB of crap. AdBlock doesn't block it all either. I would expect that NoScript is your best bet, or using a text-only browser if they still exist. As for the Comcast data caps, I live in Illinois where they have been testing the caps for years now, only ever reached the old 250GB cap once back when I was downloading several Linux distros and had a Netflix subscription. With the new, higher, caps I have not come close despite using my Internet to mostly watch video (Twitch & Youtube.) They made it far easier to see how much of your allotment you are using when you login to their website now.

Comment Re:Article is misleading (Score 1) 78

I called Verizon this past Monday and while discussing my desire to switch to the new plan the rep advised me that their is a $10 discount for the old plans if you are on a device payment plan which makes the old plan cost less than the new one. Difference of $5 less, if you don't have that discount currently being applied and are on a device payment plan then the new plan will appear to cost $5 less than the old one. I'm still going to switch to the new plan and pay $5 more to get the rollover data since I barely use half of my 1GB data as it is.

Comment No different than vocational school (Score 1) 334

What ITT and similar places provide is education similar to what any teenager could get at a vocational school. The problem is that applicants read the pamphlet saying ITT has placed students at companies like IBM, Apple, and so forth but fail to realize those students got entry-level temp work like Administrative Assistant, QA Tester, etc... When they find out they have no chance of getting a 6-figure senior level position they feel like they've been lied to, in actuality it was just the school not volunteering to tell them the reality of what types of jobs they would be employable for. While the financial predatory practices are shameful, the instruction provided by ITT was legitimate just not what students believed it to would lead to.

I considered going to one of the competitors of ITT after my Senior year of High School but I had already been working in the real world for 2 years at that point and realized the cost of the education was high, the jobs were ones I had already been working and I could get a much cheaper and transferable education from the local city college that would leave the option of going to University available for me. The downside to not going to the vocational place was missing out on the far superior hands-on courses they provided that city college did not.

I do not think less of anyone for going to such a place to get their basic training in an industry, so long as they kept their expectations in check. I would certainly hire someone from such a place for an entry level position but that's because I already know what to expect is the limit of their ability.

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