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Comment No different than vocational school (Score 1) 330

What ITT and similar places provide is education similar to what any teenager could get at a vocational school. The problem is that applicants read the pamphlet saying ITT has placed students at companies like IBM, Apple, and so forth but fail to realize those students got entry-level temp work like Administrative Assistant, QA Tester, etc... When they find out they have no chance of getting a 6-figure senior level position they feel like they've been lied to, in actuality it was just the school not volunteering to tell them the reality of what types of jobs they would be employable for. While the financial predatory practices are shameful, the instruction provided by ITT was legitimate just not what students believed it to would lead to.

I considered going to one of the competitors of ITT after my Senior year of High School but I had already been working in the real world for 2 years at that point and realized the cost of the education was high, the jobs were ones I had already been working and I could get a much cheaper and transferable education from the local city college that would leave the option of going to University available for me. The downside to not going to the vocational place was missing out on the far superior hands-on courses they provided that city college did not.

I do not think less of anyone for going to such a place to get their basic training in an industry, so long as they kept their expectations in check. I would certainly hire someone from such a place for an entry level position but that's because I already know what to expect is the limit of their ability.

Comment This is the buggiest release yet (Score 1) 63

When iOS 6 came out I did not experience any issues after power cycling the phone at least once. With iOS 10 I am having problems with the new unlock screen "feature" failing to work correctly (it is opening the Home screen 50% of the time) and apps are crashing and glitching on me daily including Apple's own apps. I highly recommend anyone that has not upgraded yet to not do so and instead wait for 1 or 2 point releases.

Comment AmazonBasics... (Score 3, Insightful) 167

If they want to actually make any money from these pop-up stores they should sell some of the most popular AmazonBasics items which will also help increase exposure of that line of products. Things like: batteries, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, various cables, coffee mugs, and so on. Things that go along with other things a shopper might have already purchased in the mall and that will remind them of Amazon when they use them with other company's products.

Comment No, doesn't last (Score 1) 385

I gave up on optical as a backup method when CDs I had burned back in the mid-90's on archive grade discs stopped working. Even with entertainment products (music, movies, TV shows) I immediately backup the discs to a file server for long term storage. At this point there is no optical format capable of storing enough data to suit my needs. For added protection of non-replaceable content like photos I post them to online services like Facebook, Google+, and Amazon Photos.

Comment Storage Spaces (Score 1) 366

I dumped Linux on my file server that was using LVM for storage pools due to problems with Samba disconnecting in the middle of video streams and switched to Windows 10 using Storage Spaces instead. Windows 10 has been rock-solid with the only nagging issue being the automatic reboots from updates. My setup uses a full tower case with dual 4x3 5.25" SATA hot-swap modules from iStarUSA connected to a HighPoint RocketRAID (non-RAID card.) I have a total of 8 WD RED drives, currently 6 4TB drives and 2 6TB drives divided evenly into two Storage Spaces of 18TB each. One of the Spaces serves as the primary "Archive" and the 2nd set serves as the "Backup". I then have SyncBack Free running as a scheduled task in the wee hours of the morning to sync the two spaces, basically duplicating whatever is on the Archive to the Backup. This is not without risks, I run the risk of massive downtime in the event that any part of the computer fails, and also if something goes screwy with the Archive the automated sync will just duplicate the screw-up to the Backup. The data is not valuable to me though, just backups of media I own physical copies of (I do not torrent anything.) My long term plan is to build one smaller system with 4 drives to serve as a secondary Backup that will be synced manually. The cost of the drives is the main thing holding me back at this point. At present I upgrade 2 drives a year with larger capacity drives. I originally started with 2TB WD RED drives and have cycled through 3TB and 4TB drives. Not a single drive has failed on me. The 2 6TB drives were this years edition and I expect to swap in 2 more next year, maybe even step up to 8TB if they become affordable. Constantly upgrading storage drives is how I avoid catastrophic failure of drives, in fact after more than 20 years I have not had a single drive fail on me while in use. Even with SSD drives I have cycled them out within 3 years of original installation.

Comment The AOL of Usenet (Score 1) 225

I never once saw it advertised despite being online since before the Internet was a thing. In the summer of '95 I taught public school teachers how to use the Internet as a part of a summer program and the instructions we gave included how to use Gopher but I never saw it used outside of school. It was on all of the school computers and the limited computer instruction given to students included an introduction to Gopher but no one ever bothered with it. Usenet, IRC, even BBSes were more popular. Basically, the lack of pr0n and warez were its downfall.

Comment Slashdot password never expires (Score 1) 211

Just tested logging out and back in, I'm still using the same password for my Slashdot account I've had for far too long (the password that is.) In fact, it is my 2nd oldest password still in use, my oldest password of course being a scorned 5 letter password not accepted in modern Internet society. :(

Comment Faulty UPS? (Score 2) 68

Reminds me of a company I know that built a brand new data center, put in an over-sized UPS system, over-sized electric generator, state of the art power monitoring/transfer system, and tested the generator bi-annually. Only there were three problems when the area finally suffered a blackout:

1.) They never tested fail-over to the UPS, they had only tested starting up the generator and then manually switched off mainline power once the generator was fully operational to see if it worked.

2.) The UPS installer never bothered to connect the batteries to the power control unit so when power did fail everything immediately lost power (these were racks of large batteries wired together, not the plug-and-play consumer stuff.) When the generator kicked in, everything tried to turn back on at the same time and tripped the breaker. LOL.

3.) The air conditioner was not connected to the fancy power transfer system and after a little over an hour, servers started throttling and eventually shut down from the heat. This all happened in early August on one of the hottest days of that year.

Comment Re:Fastest in what way? (Score 2) 183

"Street Legal" means not only can it turn (have you ever even been to a drag strip, even custom built dragsters can turn) but it can brake, has working lights, restraints, even a rear view mirror!

Stop trying to talk shit about something you have zero knowledge of and educate yourself before you look like a fool again.

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