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Comment While in beautiful downtown San Jose... (Score 1) 63 sure to see the infamous "Pile of Statues" AKA "Dookie in the Park":

I would try to recommend a bar or club but the city council tends to shut them all down, or their landlords jack the rent and price them out. On the other hand, drive 15 minutes over to Campbell, CA and go to "The Garret" for the best damn pizza on Earth:

Oh, and Winchester Mystery House is in San Jose in case you weren't aware: http://www.winchestermysteryho...

Comment I was born and raised in Silicon Valley (Score 1) 386

All of my friends from Elementary through High School have left the state in the last 5 years. My parent's, who are now retiring, are also planning to leave the state. Most of them have moved to Oregon, and a few to other states like Colorado and Arizona. It's not the cost of living as they all owned their own homes prior to leaving, it's the terrible schools, traffic, and increase in violence. They want their kids to grow up with the same safety and outdoor life they grew up with themselves. Personally, I moved to Northern Illinois almost 10 years ago for the same reason and have zero desire to ever move back. I'm always depressed when I visit California now, every place I used to go to as a kid has been torn down and replaced with condos or apartments. The last time I visited my Elementary School a kid tried to murder a teach with a butcher knife. That was in Santa Clara, CA, the "heart" of Silicon Valley.

Comment Yes, it has never been better to be a nerd (Score 1) 449

Parts cost less
There are more parts to choose from
More stores selling parts
More resources to learn about how to install parts
Parts are easier to install than before (no jumpers, easier connectors, locking connectors, etc...)
The price of Microsoft's Operating Systems have gone down
Linux is ready for the desktop
Mac OS X went x86 making Hackintoshes a reality
Internet is faster and more reliable than the dial-up days
Games are available DRM-free from sites like
Multiplayer has gone from 2 computers connected with a Null Modem Serial Cable in the same room to 64+ players anywhere in the world on a single server
Various lighting options abound for customizing systems and accessories
Watercooling is a thing
There has never been a better time to learn to code and make your own games, with easy paths to release games for profit
Multiple monitors on a single system are a thing
3D monitors are a thing
VR headsets are a thing
Rasbperry Pi
The list goes on... it has never been a greater time to be a nerd. The 2 things people struggle with when they get older are time and money, when you're young you don't care about either, you use them with reckless abandon. Albeit, money is scarce as a kid, but when you get it you tend to spend it on things that fun.

Comment Re: The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (Score 1) 212

Over the last 12 years that I have worked as a Systems Administrator, I cannot remember a single Apple computer failing at any of the places I worked. That said, Apple computers were in the extreme minority of systems in use. Typically less than 6 systems total in the Marketing department and that was it (out of 4 companies.) Whenever a system was retired we just tossed it on the recycle pallet, nothing to salvage. I did repeatedly ask for a Mac Mini to do some testing and documentation, to make life easier for those few employees that had them, but management refused to spend the $500 or to let me hang onto a retired system to test with. They were generally despised by IT management who barely tolerated the Marketing people having them.

Oh, and there were of course no systems running Linux other than servers.

Comment Re: America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

If Bush Jr. can get re-elected, so can Trump. It's all a matter of jobs, if Trump creates jobs he will get re-elected, if he doesn't then he'll get the heave-ho just like the Democrats got. Obama's, and therefore the Decomcrat's, largest failure has been the lack of jobs. Bill Clinton is beloved, not because is smoked week and played sax, but because he created jobs and brought this country out of a funk caused by Bush Sr.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

No one likes the House of Commons, they continually fail to represent their constituency and instead go off on their own power trips to bolster their own power. The Electoral College system assures that the votes for a state represent the majority winning party in the state, i.e. the majority wins. The whole notion of a nation-wide "popular vote" is meaningless due to California and New York having disproportionately large populations. 2 states alone should not decide who gets elected president.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

California is an English-first state. In 1986, Proposition 63, "English Is the Official Language of California Amendment" was passed declaring English the official language of California. This was followed in 1998 with Proposition 227, ""English in Public Schools" which required LEP (Limited English Proficiency) classes to be taught in English. It is important to note that over 100 languages are spoken in both Silicon Valley and the San Francisco metropolitan areas.

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