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Comment The AOL of Usenet (Score 1) 225

I never once saw it advertised despite being online since before the Internet was a thing. In the summer of '95 I taught public school teachers how to use the Internet as a part of a summer program and the instructions we gave included how to use Gopher but I never saw it used outside of school. It was on all of the school computers and the limited computer instruction given to students included an introduction to Gopher but no one ever bothered with it. Usenet, IRC, even BBSes were more popular. Basically, the lack of pr0n and warez were its downfall.

Comment Slashdot password never expires (Score 1) 211

Just tested logging out and back in, I'm still using the same password for my Slashdot account I've had for far too long (the password that is.) In fact, it is my 2nd oldest password still in use, my oldest password of course being a scorned 5 letter password not accepted in modern Internet society. :(

Comment Faulty UPS? (Score 2) 68

Reminds me of a company I know that built a brand new data center, put in an over-sized UPS system, over-sized electric generator, state of the art power monitoring/transfer system, and tested the generator bi-annually. Only there were three problems when the area finally suffered a blackout:

1.) They never tested fail-over to the UPS, they had only tested starting up the generator and then manually switched off mainline power once the generator was fully operational to see if it worked.

2.) The UPS installer never bothered to connect the batteries to the power control unit so when power did fail everything immediately lost power (these were racks of large batteries wired together, not the plug-and-play consumer stuff.) When the generator kicked in, everything tried to turn back on at the same time and tripped the breaker. LOL.

3.) The air conditioner was not connected to the fancy power transfer system and after a little over an hour, servers started throttling and eventually shut down from the heat. This all happened in early August on one of the hottest days of that year.

Comment Re:Fastest in what way? (Score 2) 183

"Street Legal" means not only can it turn (have you ever even been to a drag strip, even custom built dragsters can turn) but it can brake, has working lights, restraints, even a rear view mirror!

Stop trying to talk shit about something you have zero knowledge of and educate yourself before you look like a fool again.

Comment Pure FUD (Score 1) 269

As expected, the article is pure FUD spread by fossil fuel lobbyists, here's the reality included technical details and analysis:

On Sunday, November 21, one of the two lines that links South Australian to Victoria was out for maintenance, when at 21:56 the second line “tripped” because of a faulty signal. It was blamed on “non-compatible protection relay configuration” that had been recently installed as part of an upgrade. It was probably human error.

This “trip” caused the the South Australian grid to be “islanded.” This should be a routine situation. 160MW of capacity was shed to deal with frequency issues, and under normal circumstances the power should have been re-established quickly, in less than 10 minutes.

However, the local network could not solve its frequency problems as it expected, but not because of too much or too little wind energy.

First, frequency levels were affected by a rise in output from “non scheduled” generators that lifted frequency levels – most likely co-generators and diesel gensets. Then, the situation was made much worse when the large Torrens Island gas generator ignored requests from the market operator to cut down its output. Instead, it kept raising it, by 65MW all told.

This pushed the frequency level above 50.58 Hertz, outside the normal frequency band, which meant that the South Australia grid was insecure and could not be synchronised with the main grid.

The result, says AEMO, was that instead of power from the inter-connector being restored within 9 minutes, it took an extra 26 minutes for the frequency control problems to be resolved and the link restored.

Comment Things change year-to-year (Score 1) 326

This year it's:
-AMD APU in 2 out of 3 machines, intel Pentium (G3225?) in the 3rd for shits and giggles
-Windows 10 on everything, great OS, runs so much faster and more reliably than Windows 7, auto-reboot updates are annoying
-Chrome browser, it has some performance problems but it's the only browser I know of to offer free remote desktop over the Internet (Chrome Remote Desktop)
-VLC, #1 essential on every computer
-MakeMKV, for backing up DVD and Blu-rays discs
-One 27" LED Monitor @1080P, same for each system other than HTPC which is hooked up to 42" Plasma @1080P
-HP 10-key-less compact keyboard (shame they stopped making them)
-Logitech mouse (the really good one that's 7 years old now, MX something?)

I fix computers for a living so no need for special software, I just consume media and games with my own computers. The only thing special I have are a good set of tools and anti-static mat/band gear. Everything else is in my brain from decades of experience.

Comment Most consumers... (Score 1) 729

would be better off buying a pre-built gaming PC from the likes of Alienware, CyberPower, Falcon Northwest, and so on. They cost less than a comparable Apple computer, and remain relevant (useful) longer than any Apple computer. At most you will get 3 years out of an Apple device before Apple decides to arbitrarily obsolete it by releasing an OS upgrade that does not support your processor or GPU.

For anyone that cannot afford either of the above there are two options: build a PC yourself ($400-$800 is all you really need to spend) or buy a game console. If someone is spending over a thousand dollars on a PC they build themselves they are either spending too much or better damn well be a hardcore gamer that knows what they are doing. 99% of gamer's would be perfectly fine with an AMD A10-7890K APU ($149) but instead waste $350 on an Intel 6700K CPU.

Comment It depends on the employer (Score 1) 765

Out of over a dozen jobs I've held there was only one where I would have gladly given a 1 month notice. That employer had solid benefits including bi-annual profit sharing and made a good effort to train and promote within the organization. They routinely held company outings, paid for travel expenses without any hassle, and provided financial assistance for me to relocate to another office halfway across the country. Loved them dearly and was sad to see them get bought out by a larger evil corporation that outsourced their entire IT department to India. I made some decent money as an independent contractor taking care of call backs to fix what the Indians kept breaking.

On the other hand, most jobs I would have quit without remorse if the manager had given me any sh!t. The way I saw it, employment-at-will is only acceptable if the ax swings both ways. Employers must encounter the pain of an employee quitting on the spot if they expect to have the right to fire on the spot. I've quit by simply leaving a post-it and my office key on a manager's desk while they were away on one of their 3 hour lunches.

My last contract gig I received no notice, simply got called into an office for a conference call with the local department manager who was halfway across the country and advised me I needed to leave on the spot. They didn't bother to have anyone from security present which I thought was rather dangerous for them if they had attempted to do that to someone less civilized than myself. The on-site department supervisor was at least shocked and ashamed of her boss to the extent that she told me to take as long as I needed to gather my belongings. Most companies I have worked for or contracted at will give a one week notice. Never have I received a two week notice.

Comment I'm looking forward to September (Score 1) 145

That's when my 2 year Verizon contract runs out and I dump them for T-Mobile and an iPhone 7. I would rather do business with a company that competes by providing better service (free music streaming) than do business with a company that competes by cranking up prices. I'm surprised Comcast hasn't purchased Verizon, they seem like they do business the same way as one another.

Comment Re:Vigile Clearly Works for (Score 2) 99

If you have never heard of PCPer than you shouldn't be reading articles about enthusiast PC hardware components at all. You will find MacRumors or more to your liking. Don't bother watching This Week In Computer Hardware on either, you will see some guy named Ryan Shrout that you never heard of before and remain befuddled by the audacity of Twit to have someone host a show you don't know personally.

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