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Comment Re:Possibly (Score 1) 505

yes, but being truthful Windows mobile was around for a very long time. What I found was that it was up to the carriers / manufacturers to update and keep support of the older devices and neither of them had any incentive to do so. Why upgrade a phone for free when you can force them into a new contract? I had that experience for years before I switched but then I was always cooking roms on xda developers.

Comment Re:not just ms, but apple too, and also linux-wth- (Score 1) 505

you sound almost as cynical and twisted as I am :D

For me the whole adware/spyware issue with Ubuntu put me over the edge and I switched to Mint w/ cinnamon but I really hated the idea of using Unity and still stuck to gnome.

I do think you are being a little harsh on mountain lion, yes it has some addition touch centric stuff but the majority of the uI hasn't changed. I just drop the addition icons out the dock on a fresh install.

I'm also still stuck on Win 7, I personally hate metro but I can half see it being useful on a mobile device. I'm just disturbed that MS is trying to force me to use something I'm not into. The truth though which they are trying to avoid is that, like the old windows media center - if you can turn it off, most people will.

Comment oh (Score 3, Interesting) 505

oh christ was my first thought to that....

I'm not a huge fan of Microsoft but I do feel for Nokia and the bus that their staff were thrown under.

I'd be kinda surprised if this is true though, Microsoft are known for flaunting failed products for years to save face. This would be another reason to add to the list for why metro sucks ... it's pretty sad that the whole windows ecosystem was imho designed from the mobile up rather than an extension of the desktop.

This sounds like FUD though and for once it's not coming out of Redmond.

Comment Re:Turns out (Score 1) 473

thank you for the information... after some googling though - I still can't find anything nefarious that ghostery is actually doing? It's probably a good idea to move away from this service but is there a smoking gun yet?

Are they doing anymore than no script or adblock when it comes to being selective about what they block or collect?

Comment Re:Turns out (Score 1) 473

And this here fellow /. readers is a prime example of a pedantic troll with no social skills.

Instead of saying 'I don't use either but it shows nothing for me, btw - did you know ghostery is ad industry funded and here is why?'

You attempt to belittle me for choosing the tool-set I do and provide absolutely no evidence to support your claims


There, I just gave you one because I'm kind - any proof they are doing anything nefarious? like oh I don't know - adblock that whitelists people that pay?

OMG, I provided another source - are you learning yet?

So troll, go back to your lynx browser - I have to wonder what the domain rpxnow.com knows about you though :)

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