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Submission + - White House Refuses to Investigate Dobbs

Nocturnal Deviant writes: As expected the White House petition which garnered over 30,000 signatures in under 5 days, was declined with a no comment response from the white house.!/petition/investigate-chris-dodd-and-mpaa-bribery-after-he-publicly-admited-bribing-politicans-pass/DffX0YQv is the link.
The Media

Submission + - It's times like this when I don't feel bad to pay

Nocturnal Deviant writes: "Lately we all know the atrocious gas prices that have been plaguing the US. There's those that complain then those that try to make teh best of it like my garbage company, they always leave small jokes and poems to try and put humor into our economy. I got this one today with them saying there going to raise fees by $2.00:

"Blah! Blah! Blah"
We bow our heads to Exxon Mobil
There profits are high, but their "cause" is noble
The money is needed for research and exploration
To satisfy the needs of an oil hungry nation!

And we're so glad the pipelines that threatened BP
Were not rusty as they thought them to be
"THANK GOODNESS" no hurricanes have hit the gulf coast
The platforms are standing, the oil giants boast!

We are so grateful that someone woke up some day
And decided three bucks a gallon was too much to pay
Did they finally realize the havoc they wreaked?
Or did their interest in profits finally peak?

So gas prices are down — at least for a while
And maybe you would think that we could force a smile
But the damage is done, we've no money to spend
If we don't raise our rates, it could be the end!

Our wallets are now empty, just like our tanks
And of course we have payments to make to the banks
Now if that's not enough to cause us some pain
The landfill decided to increase their "capital gain"!

They want surcharges for gas and environmental fees
Plus a 13 percent raise to make them pleased!
And we held of our increase longer than we should
Thinking the crisis was temporary and all would be good

So until were powered by electricity or corm
The weight of these increases must be borne
And when that day comes won't it be great
We'll just worry about drought or the utility rate!

                                                                                  Thank you
                                                                              The Compax Crew

its a good thing to find some people have good humor in times of these prices. and as for the gas in Missouri its around $2.75 and less"

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