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Comment Re:No shit (Score 1) 286

I absolutely text at a stop light...ONLY at a stop light and ONLY when I have a friend to tell me if the light is green.

I ignore even business calls when I am driving, I also drive a manual SPECIFICALLY to keep my attention on the vehicle, of course driving a 480hp M5 makes you pay attention or youll end up making a guardrail look like twisted re-bar faster than you can say "hi, yeah im available"

Comment Re:Patent Trolls? (Score 4, Funny) 302

i tend to run through a Romanian based VPN almost exclusively for work(my own personal. I wouldn't trust an outside vps with corporate information) related activity, and i can absolutely confirm what he is saying. I've been on the phone with my vpn provider before(hes an old personal friend), and he says "OH BOY MAIL TIME, now i get to have more firewood from your american lawyers" as to which we both chuckle.

Comment Re:Oh Canada... (Score 2, Insightful) 205

This guy is the stereotypical Canadian. They are closer to americophobes than americophiles, and the ironic thing there is absolutely no difference between Americans and Canadians besides the geographical location, yet when i lived there for 2 and a half years, the amount of times I heard Americans called stupid was exhorbitant.

The media makes us Americans look stupid, and they lap it up just like...well pretty much every other country.

Comment Re:That sounds like a neutral and unbiased summary (Score 2) 318

I am pro google simple because of the fact that they openly say they are using your data, its not a hidden fact, its their frickin' business model. They offer their services for free, with relatively unobtrusive advertising.

I am an anti Microsoft because of their monopolistic history, and long time locking businesses to their products.

The two are completely unrelated.

That being said....Google does tend to go too far with a few things(buzz was a big one...), but do you expect a company not to make mistakes? They are ran by humans, we are by nature imperfect or socialism would have worked.

Comment Re:Summary is FUD. Windows 8 does not suck. (Score 5, Insightful) 321

Not sure which world you are in, but in the age where humans dont have elephant arms for holding their hands up all day every day messing with a touch screen on a desktop, it sure isnt this world where windows 8 Does suck. This is primarily a website for IT and Developers, people who make things/work for others, if you want a site that is about the average joe with his laptop, go ahead praise it all you want, but this is news for nerds, and according to nerd usage, yes, it does suck.

Comment Re:Since when did slashdot become the onion? (Score 1) 84

I was more talking about Activision and EA in terms of companies I hate, microsoft is a given...this is slashdot though. You use a Unix variant at least as a hobby on slashdot if not as your main OS.

My interest is more in pirating music from the MPAA/RIAA I may not listen to a Lot of the crap they put out, however I have personally mailed artists money after pirating their music, they can take the 13$ from me, thats fine. I just have no interest in a middleman getting it.

Comment Re:Since when did slashdot become the onion? (Score 1) 84

Not using something when it is useful becomes a general waste of your time to find an alternative that does exactly what the original did(and in most cases less well.) Not paying for said product does not support said company, but also does not waste time.

Also "fucking for virginity" If you have ever fucked a virgin, I am sure you can concur with me that you aren't missing anything. In general that analogy itself makes utterly no sense in this specific incident.

Comment Re:Since when did slashdot become the onion? (Score 1) 84

Look at the elderly. People who simply did not learn about them are worse with them. I personally pirate quite a bit due to moral dislikes about certain companies decisions(however any game/application i find good/useful I WILL and DO buy. I also Refuse to pirate indie software/games.)

It is far more an educational issue than a money issue, although I won't completely discard money as an issue, It is far more education.

As IT I have removed so many random obvious malware(does bonzibuddy ring a eye twitching bell?), from people who just arent computer literate, not that they cant afford them, they just never cared to learn.

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