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Comment Re:Adjust using the PCI index. (Score 1) 374

Less wage slaves and more slaves to our own desires. If you were to live a life like a family from the 1950's your expenditures would be much less as well. But everybody needs that second car. They need to eat fast food rather than cook. They need to pay for that cable and internet. They need central heating and air.

Comment Re:Expats? (Score 1) 289

I think for most people in the Netherlands the biggest difference would be that we hardly hear of criminal or rioting jews. Not saying they don't exist but it's a pretty safe bet if there's a wanted person on the news or a riot happening nowadays it's either a Turkish or Moroccan person / group. Statistics from our prisons also back this up with a majority of about 60% of all incarcerated criminals having a migration background. I personally blame the failed immigration policies of the last 70 years in the Netherlands. Originally these people came in on the equivalent of H1B visa's so no pressure to integrate, then they could stay for a prolonged time but still no pressure to integrate. And then we kind of decided they could stay forever and bring over their families but we gave them little to no help to integrate. We gave these people no perspective and no incentive to integrate and now people act shocked that they indeed have not integrated and at least some of them don't see themselves as part of the Netherlands.

We have had trouble with people from Indonesian descent as well in the past and it follows a similar path. After the Netherlands lost their overseas colonies we promised the Moluccans they could stay in the Netherlands for a while while the government of the Netherlands made a deal with the Indonesian government for an independent Moluccan state. Then the government of the Netherlands kind of forgot about the whole issue and the Moluccans and we ended up with a two train hijackings. After they spend 25 years in limbo in old concentration camps I think they where fairly patient with it all.

So yea, not saying I condone the behaviour but I can kind of see where they're coming from.

Comment Re:512 384 (Score 1) 138

Erm, I'm pretty sure the 2699 is the top of the line for their Xeon DPs. At worst it is the 3rd best from what I can tell, and no one has benchmarks that I can find of the two newer processors that might replace it, the E7-8890 and E7-8894. As they were probably able to borrow or rent the 2699's from someone and they weren't going to blow 20,000+ to purchase equipment for a single benchmark, it's unsurprising they didn't go for the two newer chips.

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