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Comment Re:Where is the news? (Score 1) 216

Bullshit, with a large enough cohort, and without telling them it's vitamin D just a new drug, you would have baseline control probably close enough to the average rate of autism that you could discern any potential benefits from vitamin D. That assumes, of course, that this report itself doesn't spur a large amount of mothers to start taking large vitamin D supplements, thus changing the average prior to any trials if the link actually exists.

Comment Re: "Super-Efficient"? (Score 1) 119

Not that some random comment on Internet will convince you but yes we're the first species to change the environment in this short a timescale. Until we find something really unexpected in the fossil beds we really are the first. Can also be logically deduced by the fact that there was still oil and coal left in the soil when we first started looking for it.

Comment Re:That's ok (Score 1, Insightful) 88

More importantly.

Crooks were probably foreign nationals

It's very likely that the crooks were nationals of other countries, just arrived in Germany. Unlike other countries, where ATMs can also print out minimal bank statements and account balances, not all ATMs have this function in Germany, where banks also use specialized machines to print out in-depth statements.

Now, what brand new group of foreign nationals has a tendency towards use of explosives? Unless there is a sudden influx of IRA expats I'm unaware of, the fact that they used probably homemade explosives would seem to be cause for concern.

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