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Comment Re: This is the same guy (Score 1) 385

Be that as it may, Bluetooth still uses more power then an audio jack: And that's not even counting the fact that this just covers transmission. You have even higher power requirements when you take the battery on the other end into account, but of course you won't notice that in the battery life on your phone

Comment Re: As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

Well of course it will only work when you have a profitable market. No-one deals with North Korea for that reason. That's about as insightful as saying the sun will come up tomorrow in countries that have had a night today. I always see this over regulating proposed as well, but that goes for every country : they all have regulations to make sure their internal market has a level and safe playing field. Even China has rules and regulations. And as for banking reform. I believe the UK blocked that one...

Comment Re: What did you expect? (Score 1) 621

Seriously? Germany is the EU powerhouse, has been for decades. Not the UK. Also, Wales voted leave. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted stay. So if anything they'll be rejoining the EU. I know Europe is far away, but at least try to get relevant information before posting.

Comment Not really no (Score 1) 299

There's more to ensure then just driver liability. Vandalism is also a major reason to insure your car. And most of the premium in car insurances goes to cover the risk and guestimated possible future repair costs. If risk goes down the premium goes down. Simple as that. Same with houses, you pay a lot more premium if you have a thatched roof instead of something less flammable. There are already experiments with driver data influencing premium. i.e. you drive slower you get lower premium.

Comment Re: "Affordable" (Score 2) 430

So you don't want it, good for you! I have to ask though, because I see similar posts like this (and yours twice now), are you actually hauling 7 people, a ton of cargo and a 4 ton trailer on a regular base? If not, then why did you buy something like that? It seems a very US-ian thing to do, I never heard people in Europe buying a car that does more then they need for regular day-to-day work. It's quite common to just hire the required vehicle for the one day a year most people would need such a thing.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 440

You do realize the difference between absolute and relative right? The "1%" might pay more in absolute terms yes. But what people have a problem with is that the medium-sized incomes pay WAY more taxes relatively so a much, much larger chunk of their income is gone. Whereas the top incomes have much less of a tax burden.

I say that it is unfair to tax income of people who produce in the first place. Tax those who do not produce and who go out and steal, that's my position. Tax them, force them to repay everything they steal. But of-course this is too obvious to be accepted, because you will never make enough money that way to create the welfare state that you are rooting for every time you say that there has to be payment one way or another to those who will steal and murder.

Taking this to it's logical conclusion: there will be no more roads, police, fire department, army, etc. Everything that's now payed by the state will have insufficient funds to be continued because everyone that produces (ie, the working population) will not be taxed. I believe some countries in Africa use this kind of "government", if you can call it that what with nothing being governed as such. I suppose I won't convince you with a simple post. But I like to think of my taxes as "buying civilization" and I'll happily pay for the less fortunate in society from my relatively well off position if that means our society as a whole becomes stronger, safer and a better place to live. Adding to that, it's also one less thing to worry about, if I'm ever not able anymore to work, either because my job will become redundant because of technological advances or because (heaven forbid) fall ill I won't have to live on the street.

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