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Comment Not surprising (Score 1) 196

I only started playing TF2 once it became f2p, to see what it was all about. The fact that you only had to spend like 5 bucks in the store to upgrade your account to premium status was tempting and no hard decision once I discovered after a few sessions that the game was really fun. I got to try out the game for free and saw it more as a way to support the developers of a game that I enjoy rather than spending money on useless virtual items that I couldn't care less about. Good job Valve.

Comment Re:This just in: DMCA is unfair and ContentID suck (Score 5, Informative) 320

Seriously, fuck GEMA.
Their practices are harmful to themselves, the artists they claim to represent and the users. While other, similar organizations may have been late to the whole internet thing and still don't get it GEMA acts like it doesn't even exist as a media platform or something.
Again, fuck GEMA.

Comment BASIC is not the problem (Score 1) 709

Like for so many others, BASIC was what got me into programming when I was young. It was easy to open up a game I just played, change a line and - whoah - it actually showed the change right the next time I started the program, even if it was just replacing a word or a variable to give me two extra lives.
The sheer ease of creating something myself without spending hours reading a wiki or creating a dozen "Hello World" applications was what fascinated me.

Does BASIC teach you things that are no longer used in modern programming? Absolutely. But any reasonably smart person should have no problem adapting and understanding that when moving on to another language, it does not corrupt your ability to work in other environments.

Comment Uh-huh... (Score 1) 303

"I hope the fear of change and progress will not deter MKs from supporting the bill," Sheetrit said before the vote. I know panic has been stirred by those wishing to frighten the public."

Like, say, the Israeli government?

I just don't see the point of this. They will probably pass this off as something that helps against those evil terrorists, as always. I'm sure those rockets won't dare entering Israel as long as they don't have a biometric passport, right? And the hordes of suicide bombers will just turn around after jumping over the 8m wall, realizing they are not yet registered in the database.

(I'm aware that terrorism is indeed a problem in Israel, but things like these are simply not appropriate)

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