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Comment Re: But now part of the historical narrative? (Score 1) 621

Because a public referendum is an infinitely superior choice for issues like this, as opposed to trusting an elite few who represent monied interests first and the people a very distant second.

How come? Do you also think that treatment of a brain tumor is best determined by popular vote? I'm pretty sure a brain surgeon represents his income first and his patients only a very distant second.

Comment Re:But now part of the historical narrative? (Score 1) 621

Dude, you had at least 6 elections to elect representatives that would do what you want them to do. If Maastricht was such a big deal, why wasn't Maastricht an important topic in any election? You live in a representative democracy, so take your responsibility and vote in people that will do what you want them to do, and actually have a plan doing it.

But guess what, only loonies were up for that job. So essentially, the UK couldn't find representatives to get themselves out of the EU, so now they're telling people that think this is a absolutely terrible idea to plan an exit. Good thinking.

Comment Re:What did you expect? (Score 1) 621

These minorities are asking for a second vote. So what is the majority afraid of? If there is an actual majority supporting leave, the second vote would surely turn out the same, right? It's a bit like an operating system, when you ask it to something potentially destructive, it will ask you for a confirmation "[Y/N]". If it is absolutely destructive (such as removing Perl from a Debian operation system), you will have to enter "Yes, do as I say".

It's quite clear that the 'majority' is shit-scared that the emperor doesn't have clothes, and that a confirmation referendum would see a 55% remain vote.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

Yes. They voted to restrict immigration recently. Now they're seeing that it has severe fall-out with the EU freezing their involvement in programs that involve free movement of people. Most notably research. So Switzerland will soon have a new referendum on the issue.

Comment Re:By far... (Score 3, Insightful) 485

The fact is that Tesla states that: ""Autopilot is by far the most advanced driver assistance system on the road, but it does not turn a Tesla into an autonomous vehicle and does not allow the driver to abdicate responsibility."

According to the GP, while taking human psychology into account, this is what makes this a fundamentally flawed and extremely dangerous product. People will watch Harry Potter movies in this car, they will have horrible response times because they don't need to pay attention, they will get into accidents when the 'driver assistent' fails, and Tesla will try to abdicate responsibility each and every time based on contractual terms.

Comment The answer is quite obvious (Score 1) 111

Fake medical bills.

The fact that you don't know how many medical bills you'll get, from whom, or what the total will be creates huge opportunities for fraudulent medical billing. You find out when someone was in a hospital and for what, then send them a fake bill for a couple grand for (insert bullshit reason here). Then harass the living shit out of them until they agree to settle for half of what you originally asked for.

Comment Re: Go for broke! (Score 1) 634

As long as the population keeps on voting the elitists into office, yes, they can do this. Referendums are not the answer, voting in people that represent you is. But apparently that's too difficult for the Brits as they managed to vote in at least 70% MP's that do not agree with the 52% that want to leave.

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