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Comment Over The Top subscription streaming content (Score 0) 158

Just how many 5-to-10 dollar-a-month streaming services do these content providers think the average demographic slice (in this case, I'm thinking 18-34 year-old males) is going to sign up for? In the first place, these guys aren't "content providers" any more than the ultra-rich are "job creators" -- CBS All Access and their ilk are simply middle men bundling/packaging content, no different than music publishers. The music industry is starting to show that people are no longer willing to pay for a full album to get a single song, and yet here's the TV industry trying to start a model to get you to buy an album (the streaming subscription service) rather than a single song (a particular series). These fractured/factionalized services might work for sports, where old content is almost valueless, but I don't see how forcing people to sign up for an ongoing subscription service in an age of binge-watching is going to work.

And as long as I'm ranting, can we please please please stop having spaceships with 15 and 20 foot ceilings and plumbing-free 12 foot wide hallways? Watch The Last Ship if you want to see what a hallway in a ship is supposed to look like.

Comment Re:Oh hell no (Score 4, Funny) 205

[W]hereas Clojure is dynamically typed, as many Lisp-like languages have been, Lux is statically typed to reduce bugs and enhance performance

"Kill it, kill it! Burn it with fire! Stop it before it breaches quarantine!"

Shoot it with silver bullets, drive a wooden stake through its heart, burn the body, sprinkle the ashes with salt and holy water, seal the ashes into an iron urn covered with runes, weld it shut and bury it at a crossroads under the full moon. Then dust off and nuke the site from orbit. Even after that, I'm going to have a hard time falling asleep.

Comment We need a new "Community Chest", too (Score 5, Insightful) 123

The new cards would say stuff like:

You fraudulently bundle thousands of worthless loans together and sell them as Grade AAA investments to the unsuspecting. Millions of hoi polloi lose their homes and retirements, and the country's economy is almost destroyed. Collect 10 Billion Dollars and stay out of jail.


You purchase a thriving, cash-rich company with borrowed money. Use the company's cash to institute a stock-buyback plan to increase the value of the stock options you've given yourself. Ship most of the company's jobs to overseas sweat-shops, further increasing the short-term value of your stock. Sell at the peak, rinse, repeat.


You inherit 20 billion dollars. Use your pocket change to buy a few U.S. Senators and get them to change the inheritance laws.


You run a large corporation. Strong-arm local and state politicians with threats to move your facilities to another state or out of the country. Get out of taxes free.

I could (and might) go on...

Comment Re:Peak Slashdot (Score 1) 49

Not sure what you're talking about, OP was snarking that his washing machine hasn't exploded (yet) - as if it would simply because it's made by Samsung. This wasn't Apple saying "you're not holding it right", Samsung fessed up that their state-of-the-art engineering was a little too overoptimistic.

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