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Comment BASIC of course (Score 1) 630

I learned BASIC on an Orange Toaster

I wanted to play games so I had to type them in from Creative Computing magazine and various other magazines and books and of course they didn't always work because there were subtle differences in various versions of BASIC.

I eventually got my hands on an Apple ][ Plus on which I expanded my knowledge of BASIC and learned 6502 assembly language. The first programming class I ever had was in Fortran.

Like most of the good programming courses I've taken though it was not a class to teach a specific language, it was meant to be an introduction to programming and Fortran just happened to be the language we used. And that's the only time I've ever used Fortran.

Comment Re:Hard switches (Score 1) 100

Your attitude is all too common. It's becoming not only acceptable but expected to be spied on. As it turns out I'm not a terrorist or a criminal of any sort and although some people would judge me for some of the things I've viewed online I really don't have much to hide.

So why shouldn't I allow that information to be free? Wanna know what I bought from Amazon last week? It's actually none of your business.

And trusting someone because they're a "professional" is just about the dumbest thing you can ever do.

Comment just as I was about to buy wireless headphones (Score 1) 231

I have Bose QC3 headphones but am tired of wires. I know I could use it without the app, but is still a strike against Bose IMO.

The biggest problem I've have with these is the wire. It's cheap and tends to fray at the connectors. I'm on my 3rd cable and you can't just use any male to male 3.5mm cable because the plastic molding around the plug won't allow it to fit.

The 2nd biggest problem is feedback. I guess this is due to dust buildup as spraying compressed air into them seems to fix it. If compressed air is not readily available and I get them adjusted just right on my head the feedback goes away but it's tricky.

The 3rd problem is of course that it requires a battery to work at all. If the battery is dead, why wouldn't they make it work without the noise-cancelling abilities?

Obviously a wireless headphone will require batteries so I can live with that. I just have to have two batteries. Oh, the QC35 does not have user-replaceable batteries. It's a non-starter for me now. I have been listening to my QC3s so many times when the battery has died that not being able to pop in my backup battery would mean I can't use them much of the time.

Comment Finally, I can play it! (Score 1) 237

Seriously I have never even played it. It came out after I had already reached peak gaming in my lifetime.

I'm installing it now and will soon see what all the fuss is about.

I feel like this guy except I'm on a nearly 20 year lag.

I suppose I'll get around to Half Life 2 by the time I start drawing Social Security

Comment Nobody's got to have access to healthcare either (Score 1) 307

I just read an article about "telehealth" by a local health care provider. I'd link the article, but they just send me this newsletter via snail mail and it does not appear to be online.

4 years ago they started doing this when a flood cut their patients off from services and they've been expanding it ever since. It mentions many benefits such as saving time transporting patients who may be having a stroke.

They cite a Harris Poll which (shockingly to me) showed that 74% of millennials would prefer seeing a doctor virtually and 71% of them want to use apps to share their health data.

The State of the Connected Patient - 2015 (Press Release)

Download here

(I guess you can download it, but they want your email, phone and company name first. I didn't.)

In other news, Sensenbrenner vehemently opposed, and [is] still committed to repealing the ACA

Comment Re:EXACLTY.. but let me expand on one.... (Score 1) 370

I have never seen a movie theater with assigned seating.

That must suck.

If it needs assigned seating, it's probably going to be too crowded and you'll have people telling other people "you're in my seat".

OTOH, the last movie I saw in the theater was Shaft. I ain't saying if it was the original or the remake, but Richard Roundtree was in it.

And yes, I Know Richard Roundtree was in both.

Comment Re: Cable/Sat TV (Score 1) 62

My reaction was similar when I read the summary, but clicking on the link the channel lineup is actually deeper than that and if the "Coming Soon" channels actually do arrive, I might even consider it.

If they ever come to my area, that is.

It's interesting that the 5 channels mentioned in the summary are ones that I have very little interest in watching (zero interest for ESPN). Even when I had cable (an antenna isn't good enough for where I live) I hardly ever watched the other 4 mentioned.

Still, $35 is a lot IMO when I don't have any interest in most of the other channels either. And it seems at least 12 of them appear to be sports networks. I know that's a big draw for many people, but I have absolutely zero interest in those channels so I would still be subsidizing them.

Besides, I still haven't run out of things to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime which combined are still cheaper.

Put sports in a separate optional tier, add the "Coming Soon" channels and drop the price by at least 1/3 and it might be an attractive deal to me.

And even though you can watch a lot of PBS content online, it wouldn't hurt to see if they could add that as well.

Comment I probably shouldn't say this (Score 5, Funny) 89

But does this mean I can have a manatee steak now?

They're often referred to as sea cows.

I love steak and I love seafood. Maybe this would be the perfect meal.

I'm glad they're off the endangered species list though. This is good news whether or not it means I can every eat one. I don't expect to see it on a menu anytime soon. They are cool creatures.

Comment Re:We used to occasionally shop at Walmart (Score 1) 467

I'm pretty disgusted at the quality of the name brand stuff I buy at places other than WalMart.

Are shoes only supposed to last a few months even if you don't wear them a whole lot?

Thanks, Kohl's.

I've heard even Levi's jeans don't hold up like they used to but all my Levi's are at least 10 years old so they're still good. They didn't come from Walmart either. I don't even know if Walmart sells Levi's.

Walmart is okay for some things. I try to avoid produce from Walmart. It seems to spoil faster and if I only pay 54 cents per pound of bananas that's really not a noticeable savings over the 56 cents a pound I might pay at some other store.

A couple of years ago I bought a laptop from Walmart. That was a mistake. It was a good price but it had been sitting in their stockroom for so long that the battery was completely dead. It would only work if it was plugged in. The battery would not charge. That was after I made the mistake of buying a laptop at Sam's Club. I returned the laptop for a refund at Sam's before I even left the store. They had sold it to me as new, but it wasn't. And then they wondered why I was not happy with them.

I'm careful what I buy there now. In fact it pissed me off enough that I rarely ever go there anymore - but I still go to Walmart. Go figure.

The laptop I bought at Walmart was a Vizio and I must give credit to them because even though they had given up making laptops by the time I bought it they actually tried to fix it, but I decided to return it instead. This is in contrast to Toshiba who basically told me I shouldn't have been stupid enough to buy a Toshiba when I had a problem with their laptop.

I don't know of any manufacturer that I respect for consumer level computers anymore. I guess Apples are nice, but they come at a price.

Comment Oh wonderful (Score 1) 77

I have two twitter accounts. Actually, I have one and my cat has one too. One of the true arts of twitter is keeping your post down to 140 characters. It's difficult sometimes.

I've also found that using fewer words on slashdot usually gets me modded up more than when I drone on and on endlessly.

I assume people get bored at some point.

And sending a message to too many people at once can get you in trouble. I once sent an e-mail to about 30 different people right after I left one job and then I went on a vacation. I got back home and logged in and found out my e-mail account had been cancelled due to reports of spamming.

I still don't know if my account was cancelled because I emailed 30 people at once or if one (or more?) of them just didn't like me and decided to complain. Would they really do that? Maybe.

I should probably just shut up now.

- I don't actually remember how many people I sent that e-mail to. It might not have been as many as 30 people. I had worked with all of them and most of them I really liked and respected.
-- And nobody even replied. I don't know if they tried because my account was cancelled. Imagine that - losing an e-mail account because I emailed too many people.

Comment Re:I'll document it tomorrow (Score 1) 548

"If I work extra hours to get this crisis resolved, they will see how awesome I am, give me a raise, and give me more say over my development priorities."

This one.

I actually came to say essentially the same thing.

I went several years without a raise. I finally got a bonus one year. It was so small it was practically an insult. The CEO openly told us that we were lucky to even have jobs as he laid off our co-workers.

I can't tell you how much schadenfreude I feel now that they are under criminal investigation now.

One of the execs has been charged with "crimes against the financial system” in Brazil.

I'm kind of surprised it isn't getting more press but I guess most of the corruption was in South America rather than their American assets. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the family who runs that company shares the name of a Cuban dictator that was in power before Castro. Really, I am sure it's just coincidence. Batista is a common enough name.

See Operation Car Wash and Operation Weak Flesh for more info. Who makes up these names?

Completely unrelated video: Car Wash

Dunno why, but I really appreciate that song even more now.

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