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Comment What Would Brian Boitano Do? (Score 1) 274

I JUST got lunch two (albeit long) blocks away in our industrial park. Unlike ever before, the street was loaded with parked semis, a forklift flitting about, and a landscaper's truck with trailer. Traffic was relegated to one lane. This artificial lane was many semi trucks long. As a firmware guy with decades of experience, I see no way for contemporary technology to sort out that situation in a fraction of a second, especially as there is also an intersection ahead at the end of those semis where oncoming traffic would NOT be using the single lane. An AV would be baffled by such a random, but common, occurrence. (Can you imagine if the street was curved?)

Start paying attention and you will notice all kinds of "puzzles" in your own daily driving that would force the AV to a crawl or stop, or worse, keep going as is.

Comment Re:The entire premise is pure BS (Score 1) 294

When will people wake up and stop eating up this stuff?

When someone (us) fights back. When we say we're going to "buy" less of Apple, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft, because their values don't align with ours.

I haven't made the same as a female since I was bagging groceries as a kid. After that, adult's skill sets widely diverge over time. Hell, there isn't a MAN with the identical qualifications that I have. Everybody's different...

Further, let's multiply that by the fact that I had to fight, threaten and give ultimatums to get the vast majority of raises I have gotten over the decades. This is something I don't see most of the women I associate with being able to readily do, and for that (and them) I am thankful.

Comment The Spare Tire Of Computing? (Score 1) 385

I back up/image my hard drive regularly using a large-storage, USB, thumb drive with Macrium's Reflect software (I have no relation to them - I like the software); the idea being that the encrypted flash stick can hook to my key chain and be off-site and with me (if I ever need a file while away from home).

Just a few weeks ago, my sister bought a new laptop to replace her decade old laptop, which still works, but struggles to keep up with today's web. (Why?! Grrr...) I think she inadvertently got one without an optical drive. Anyway, she called me for advice on setting it up and asked about which office suite to use. 'I still have MS Office 2003 on CD-ROM, should I just use that?', she said. I reminded her of her purchase, which elicited a "D'oh!"

Comment I Can't Wait! (Score 1) 101

Death and slower traffic for all!

Driving is harder and more "quirky" than any computer will ever be able to comprehend. Don't believe me? The best computers on the planet, after countless revisions and countless years of testing (i.e., our brains), still aren't perfect when it comes to the task. It is comical to me to see engineers again believe they are "more clever" and will overcome everything if enough tech. is thrown at it. Mark my words, this will be a slow-motion clogging of our roadways as such cars get befuddled by a simple plastic bag blowing about the freeway.

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw

Comment For The Record... (Score 1) 47

I "invented" the word "splinternet" several years ago. When I would babysit my niece and nephew, I wanted them to at least know what an encyclopedia was. So when I couldn't answer one of their many questions, we'd reference the Internet made of wood! (I lucked out that almost all of their topics were found there.)

I only hope they know how to use Google today...

Comment Re:The High Tide of the American Empire (Score 1) 185

Today's triumphant news is about a new Tinder app that lets you 'hook up' with multiple people. I know it's very "get off my lawn" but where we had an outward-looking, achievement-oriented society 50 years ago, today I see nothing but an enervated country suffused with ennui and a narcissistic obsession with carnality that leaves us paralyzed like a heroin addict on a buzz.

Wow, I really enjoyed your comment, so I "liked" it, Tweeted it to all my "friends", and will post it on Facebook too!! (...After I'm done playing Pokemon Go for an hour or two.)

Comment Re:Standard of living (Score 1) 614

Sure, they might make less money, but in the 1980s a cell phone cost thousands and barely worked...

Sorry to nitpick off topic, but I'm obligated to prevent falsehoods from gaining traction. Cell phones then worked much better than cell phones do today. Most people don't know this (they assume!) because a) they weren't alive to own one at the time, or b) since cellular phones and air time were costly, most folks couldn't afford them.

Comment Re:please just go all the way to the C++ mode (Score 1) 523

I know what you're saying. I have coded in C for over a decade, but only "discovered" the following in the last few years after I was forced to use an editor that didn't have the features that you describe (as my last editors did). A space is all that's required:

/* This code block does things. */

/* This block no longer does things. * / ...NOTE THE SPACE.
blah3; // This does blah3.

/* Back to more working code. */

It's more helpful if the IDE colors the comments differently than the code.

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