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Comment Re:Globalization vs. Protectionism (Score 1) 202

We have better and cheaper ways now, a simple national ID program required for jobs (with teeth against employers) would have them leaving at near zero cost to us.

Respectfully, this will not work. A large portion will stay anyway: The construction industry, etc., will continue to pay them low wages under the table, en masse; like prostitution, most of it will not be found nor prosecuted. Other undocumented immigrants will stay, leeching off their American family members. Others will pervade illegal "industries" to make a buck. And the remaining will come and go from the country, almost as they please because we stopped taking border security seriously, you know, 'cause we have an ID system now, the one that gets hacked every other year.

Comment Lawsuit! (Score 1) 920

What PewDiePie should do is file a copyright lawsuit! :) Maybe he would get an understanding judge to put his foot (gavel) down against "unfair use", and perhaps even stem the tide of the digital lying we find ourselves in these days. I mean, surely I can't edit a "Star Wars" video so that it looks like storm troopers are slaughtering innocent Jews in a camp and then expect it to stay up on the Internet video sites without Disney complaining.

Comment Basic Income Won't Work Just Like They Won't (Score 1) 726

The cost of living in a dump varies wildly throughout the country, and is constantly changing; so no number can be decided. Besides, we can't pay people to sit around and have sex (a favorite pastime, BTW) - so case closed. ...Unless you're planning on NOT also funding each child they happen to create, intentionally or by accident.

Comment For The Betterment Of Humanity (Score 3, Insightful) 304

I agree. If a piece of art is publicly disseminated, then the copyright holder should lose the ability to alter it, that is, unless the original is equally available or relinquished to the public domain. I think this is fair, especially in our DRMed future where things can be "taken back" instantaneously via remote computer commands.

If you think this sounds harsh, imagine the Mona Lisa getting a new hairstyle or clothes every 20 years because fashion had changed. Let's cover "David's" penis because we're politically correct this generation. And then we can change it back when the next generation lightens up... These innocent tweaks are distorting, and in some cases, ruining art (with the new ideas no longer reflective of the era in which the art was created, mind you).

"E.T.'s" right to bear arms should not be infringed.

Comment How Quaint (Score 1, Interesting) 295

It's quaint that everyone believes that autonomous vehicles are going to save lives, and not indirectly cause fatalities. "Oh, there's a plastic bag blowing about the highway in front of me, 'better slam on the brakes." "Oh, I see that baseball rolling onto the street, but since I'm not human, and can't look sideways, I won't assume there's a child coming to retrieve it."

I could go on since there is an infinite number of scenarios that'll baffle these cars, but I tire of the topic as well as fighting the ignorant, delirious enthusiasm. The cars will come, some will die because of them, and traffic will be intermittently snarled for everyone, in perpetuity, because the cat was let out of the bag.

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