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Submission + - Open and shut: These brainy birds open their own doors (

grrlscientist writes: When the University of Victoria in Canada opened a new campus bike centre in the parkade located under the University Centre last November, motion-activated doors were installed to discourage swallows from nesting in the new facility. But when the swallows returned to their familiar nest sites a few weeks ago, they were undeterred by this peculiar impediment: they quickly learned how to open the doors by flying in front of the infrared motion detector.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: MIT researchers work on printable, bakeable robotic parts. Oven-tibots, move out (

Tech Times

MIT researchers work on printable, bakeable robotic parts. Oven-tibots, move out!
Tech Times
Scientists at MIT have come up with 3D printed 2D robotic parts that can fold itself to become a 3D robot structure and will be presenting a paper about it at the IEEE Conference on Robotics. (Photo : MIT). While Intel is working on robots you can print and...
MIT Researchers Work Towards Printable Robots That Self-Assemble When ... RedOrbit
Researchers Prove 3-D Printed Robots Can Self-Assemble Under HeatAuto World News
MIT Researchers Serve Up Recipe for Baked RobotsLatin Post
TechCrunch-The Verge
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How Do You Deal With Sensitive Data? 226

imus writes "Just wondering how most IT shops secure sensitive data (customer records). Most centrally managed databases seem to be monitored and maintained very well and IT workers know when they are tampered with or when unauthorized access occurs. But what about employees who do legitimate selects from these databases and then load CSV files and other text files onto their laptops and PDAs? How are companies dealing with situations where the database is relatively secure, but end-use devices contain bits and pieces of sensitive business data, and sometimes whole segments? Does anyone use sensitive data discovery software such as Find_SSNs or Senf or other tools? Once found, how do you deal with it? Do you force encryption, delete it or prevent extracts?"

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